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Considering Selling my restored 260Z - Needs Reassembly

Discussion in 'Cars for Sale' started by s2k_adz, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. s2k_adz

    Z Club Member

    Hey guys,

    I might MASSIVELY regret this as it has been a big part of my life.

    As a few of you know Ive been restoring my 260Z now for about 7 years, but due to house and work commitments Ive barely done a tap on it in nearly three years.

    Im considering selling the car as is and maybe saving to buy a car that's either already done or just having a break from feeling guilty that Im not cracking on with it all the time! Here is a link to the build with pictures:

    Its a 1978 260Z UK RHD car and has had 4 previous owners I believe. Its done around 80k and I have the matching engine and a box to go in the car.

    The best way for me to show it is to give a link to the build thread. Ive spent way over 10k on the bodywork of this car and its now COMPLETELY without a doubt rust free. Its been resprayed in Safari Gold and is ready to reassemble. I have all the bits for the car bar a set of bumpers.

    The car has brand new unused and installed:

    BC adjustable coilovers
    Wheel bearings etc etc
    Safety devices half cage

    All the suspension has been blast and painted.

    It literally does just need reassembly with all parts included. All I can think its missing is a set of bumpers.

    Im not sure how to price it really as its in bits, so the easiest way I cans see fit is to price it as though it was in once piece and then minus the cost of what I think it would take it to get there in man hours.

    Id say its a £30k car complete without a shadow of a doubt with the work that's been done.

    Reassembly Id imagine would take a good month of someones time if they knew what they were doing.

    The engine is free and turning but probably could do with a light refresh.

    With this in mind I would be hoping for around the 24k mark give or take I think. It really is a completely overhauled car and is ready to be reassembled. It would come on the standard Weller Wheels in the build thread.

    Short of that its there anyone on here that I could pay to put it back together for me as I honestly just don't have the time as I work away all the time.


    20170104_101437 (1).jpg

  2. Geoff-R

    Z Club Member

    Yep, you’ll regret that, don’t do it!
  3. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    So, you've hit a glitch for 3 yes... doesn't shock me. Set another year to organise things and cone back to it guilt-free.

    Don't sell it as fact, don't sell at all.
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  4. Huw

    Z Club Member

    Oh man don’t sell it, she’s a beaut! I had similar problem half way through my build, started working abroad and having no time. I ended up making a promise to bolt one thing on the car every time I was home. It’s amazing how quickly all those little bits mounted up. It may take another year or two but better than selling it!
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  5. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    I agree. Keep it, but do something to it every time you go in the garage. If it takes 10 years, so what?
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  6. Pondo

    Z Club Member

    I agree, you shouldn’t sell it. You've got so far with it this should be the more enjoyable bit. Stop guilt tripping yourself, set it aside and come back to it at a later stage.

    .......Failing that just get someone else to put the parts on and get out and drive it, as soon as your behind the wheel you’ll be thinking thank god I didn’t sell.
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  7. nospark

    nospark Well-Known Forum User

    Your first ride in an old Z was in my car. I have been waiting 6 or 7 years for you to get yours on the road. A couple of times I briefly thought about selling mine but always glad I didn't. Don't make a rash decision. When the Spring/Summer sunshine comes around you will feel differently about it.
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  8. worpdrive

    worpdrive Forum User

    Hi I would be interested in continuing your project car.
    I'm looking for a 240/260 car and just finished reading your thread. I have some experience with Nissan R32GTR, and R34GTR restoration work. But mainly mechanical so your project 260z would suit me
    Let me know
  9. veryvalentine

    veryvalentine Well-Known Forum User

    If you don't need the money or space desperately then don't sell it. I'm in the middle of doing mine and i would love to see you finish yours too :D
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  10. Ian

    Z Club Member

    If you can afford it, would be good to pay somewhere to put it together for you. Then you have a finished S30 you can drive which you did a lot of the work on yourself.
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  11. dsmollett

    Z Club Member

    what part of the country is the car in?i have a 1970 el camino,and a 1970 a m c ambassador wagon..mildly modded with a 440 chrysler.
    neither of them are rusty,save for poor bumpers..i am in;

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