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  1. DarrenM
    Thanks Mike, As I said before, I was disappointed it was that colour when I first saw it but now I like it! What colour is your interior and what are you recolouring it to? We too have others...
  2. uk66fastback
    Cheers Darren - that colour is something else! Sadly, mine is not on the road, although it could be very easily, I've got the interior out and am still recolouring it - and it's gone on the back...
  3. woody
    Hi Rob I make all the repair panels myself, i have quit a few on Ebay, If you send me your email i can send you photos and prices. Regards Andy my email is
  4. Skallywag
    Hi, I'm just in the process of stripping my 240 to bear metal and will probably need a lower rad panel (and a few other bits). Where did you source it from? Cheers. Rob
  5. niroshann
    Very nice! Doesn’t look like rust has taken hold!

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