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4WD Nissan R35 Datsun 240Z Build, a new project

Discussion in 'New to the website!' started by Josh.Svm, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. DarrenM

    DarrenM Forum User

    Great project, look forward to seeing your progress!
  2. IbanezDan51

    IbanezDan51 Well-Known Forum User

    Probably just the roofline ... and maybe some parts of the wings
  3. Josh.Svm

    Josh.Svm New Forum User

    We also had the honour of building the last Juke-R (well currently are building) We have done a few cars like this now but we allways love a challenge
    45478400_1974467449281783_8007545311654313984_n.jpg 45419377_1974467432615118_5746683198578884608_n.jpg
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  4. Jay.

    Z Club Member

    I imagine this will end up similar to the Corvette-Z and the BifB-Z which will essentially be a GTR with the shape of the Datsun?
  5. Josh.Svm

    Josh.Svm New Forum User

    Hello Rob,

    Firstly I am not quite sure what you are on about by two cars.... This is my own car, not a company demo vehicle. It will fly the company flag because it is a family company and i'm proud of the brand. The reason for the build is due to it being the first cars my dad built when he started SVM (Severn Valley Motorsport) He had a yellow 240Z he engine swapped and turned into the first convertible back in the day. The power - I want it to be fast, nothing more to say here. Lastly, if you think it is a shame then you will love it when all the mint body panels get cut up :) . The cars did not have a savable floor pan and the GTR donor shell was set to be crushed due to structural damage. Instead of having it crushed, we are using it for this project. Hope you enjoy the pictures below of the first Datsun we cut, and I can assure you being the UK representatives of liberty walk it wont be the last.

    716d2279f9588b207e060d878be386f8[1].png 667a17ea452bde0947508a68adbe97d4[1].png faaab9495c1d9280d1aa32d15fc4ab5b[1].png
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  6. Josh.Svm

    Josh.Svm New Forum User

    Sort of - trying to keep as much Z in its blood as possible, currently trying to restore as much as I can to re use on the build such as rear lights, side lights various exterior trim bits.
  7. Josh.Svm

    Josh.Svm New Forum User

    Am undecided on the body kit tbf, any suggestions of any other kits? Am still looking tbf.
  8. franky

    Z Club Member

    Can you fit carbs and convert it to NA?
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  9. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'm probably not much help, I like stock arches. ZG flares are OK I suppose!
    What's a liberty walk?
  10. Woody928

    Z Club Member
    Staff Member Moderator

    I've got to say I think this is an awesome project and really excited to follow what you're doing. I've seen the Juke GTR before and love how much of a sleeper it is!

    Reality is it won't be a Datsun, it'll be whatever is left of the shell/shape stuck on a new chassis with a GTR drivetrain but what an engineering project to undertake! I really wish you good luck and look forward to following this one.

    Not really a liberty walk fan myself but each to their own. I think for one the FuguZ looked great....
  11. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer Staff Member Moderator

    1 x 240Z,

    1 x GTR

    1+1 =2
  12. datsfun

    Z Club Member

  13. Matt Berry

    Matt Berry
    Z Club Member

    The BifB Z is that the blue M5 V10/240z shell/custom chassis car?
  14. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    Really really looking forward to the progress on this one.
  15. Albrecht

    Albrecht Well-Known Forum User

    I'd keep that one on the down-low if I were you.

    Pub conversation.
    You: "My Dad used to be a rock star back in the 1980s. Household name. Top Of The Pops every week."

    Me: "WOW! Amazing. Never knew that."

    You: "Don't like to boast. You know how it is. People might start asking for autographs and stuff."

    Me: "I know what you mean. But come on, spill the beans!".

    You: "He was the bass player in Bros."

    Me: "Oh.... OK."
  16. atomman

    atomman Active Forum User

    Sounds an interesting project ,

    what's the wheel base difference? Are you gonna have to section the S30 body out to the R35 width ? Or run really wide arches ?
  17. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    50cm longer wheelbase and 30cm wider.
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  18. Robbie J

    Robbie J
    Z Club Member

    getting a 2+2 base car would have helped
  19. Josh.Svm

    Josh.Svm New Forum User

    if someone asks a question ill give them the courtesy to answer them, got nothing to boast about.
  20. Albrecht

    Albrecht Well-Known Forum User

    Don't fall into the trap of taking yourself too seriously.

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