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Rob Gaskin
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Feb 19, 2019 at 5:08 PM
Dec 30, 2002
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July 15

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Rob Gaskin

Treasurer in training, Male, from Hinckley

Staff Member Moderator
Rob Gaskin was last seen:
Feb 19, 2019 at 5:08 PM
    1. Mike Bayliss
      Mike Bayliss
      I am interested to have more details of UEY if I could. I am new to the site can you send me a pm? Thanks
    2. DaveP
      Hi Rob is there an address I can post memb subs to
      1. Rob Gaskin
        Rob Gaskin
        Hi Dave, Jonbills is now the Membership Sec. Best to ask him but Paypal is best! Cheers, Rob
        Jan 23, 2019
    3. andrew muir
      andrew muir
      Hi Rob, Sorry not been in touch much, just things have been busy with other things, keeping bussiness afloat etc. Mother not that great and son is in a rock band which keeps me busy as worlds greatest roadie/tech. Not had time to look at L28 motor, will probably still have old engine this year. Will get round to it some day. Intend to go to SpA this year wondered if it is on your radar? Best wishes for New Year etc.
    4. Stockdale
      Hi Rob. My membership expires tomorrow and I would like to renew. I can't though find a way of doing this on the new site. There is a mention of Paypal but the button doesn't seem to be activated. Is there an 'old fashioned' route to complete a form and send a cheque? Kind regards Ian
      1. STEVE BURNS
        Hi Ian
        tried to ring you but could not get through will send you a private message explaining things Cheerz steve
        Oct 6, 2018
    5. Mike H
      Mike H
      Hi Rob just joined club as am picking up Nisan 300ZX this coming Saturday- year 1991 current reg J218TNA but will eventually be changing to private Reg contact number for your records is (see post history -Mr Tenno).. Looking forward to the benefits that Z club offers. Classic line Hinckley have advised if join club insurance will be cheaper do I need a member number?
      Thanks in advance- Mike
    6. Lorro
      Rob, scrap last message, ill use the Lorro account not the Lauro10, i muat have set 2 up in the past. Cheers
    7. lauro10
      Hi Rob, found rhe meeting last weekend useful. Do you have the miuntes issued yet and contact details? The younger guys are keen to get going?
    8. lauro10
      Rob, trying to find out about the meeting in Milton Keynes, whats the deatils please, thanks Lauro
    9. Skallywag
      Hi Rob,
      I've been really busy over the winter sorting everything but the 240. Hopefully the weather will pickup and I'll be back at it.
      I noticed someone was asking about Z panels. Have you heard of Fourways Engineering in Seven Oaks. Theyre not cheap but you can get some bits from them. Made to order and in metal.
      Not yet placed my order for the slam panel but will shortly.
      1. Rob Gaskin
        Rob Gaskin
        Hi Rob, yes I know of Fourways. Know what you mean about weather - I need to be outside on the Zs. Cheers, Rob
        Feb 21, 2018
    10. Skallywag
      Hi Rob
      Tried to update my Member status again today. Car type etc, but it still wont let me in to do that.
      Any chance someone could take a look at it. Cheers.
      Taking out the interior of the Z at the moment hopefully fuel tank off, tailgate and doors at the weekend. I'm sure the total project will take a while. But well worth it in the end.
    11. SacCyclone
      Hi Rob, seems that the site has reverted me back to "web site" member again.
      Thanks, Mike
    12. Skallywag
      Hi Rob spoke to you the other day re my current 240Z project.
      Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to update my profile. It tells me i'm not a member, although I received membership conformation. Could you get someone to take a look please. Will speak soon. Cheers for now, Rob Skillen
    13. SacCyclone
      Hi Rob,
      Any idea why I changed from Z club member to website member??? I should be all paid up.
      Thanks, Mike
    14. Dougs260z
      Hi Rob,
      I note your email regarding membership payment, I believe I paid this 1-2 months ago, can you please check. Douglas Fell, user dougs260z
    15. Peato40
      Hello Rob, Just to let you know I paid my membership last Friday via PayPal and send Steve a completed membership form via email.
    16. Rob Gaskin
      Rob Gaskin
      Thanks for re-joining and supporting the Club Colin - I'll get back to you when I've 'set you up' .
    17. Big-Col
      Hi Rob,

      Just paid membership fee via PayPal.
      Used to be a member before you went online !!
      I've had many Zeds in the past but have been without for a few years now !!
      I'm looking to return to the fold so thought I'd rejoin
      Colin Dixon
    18. kev64
      Hi Rob.
      Was your standard car reg CNB 512M?
    19. kev64
      Hi Rob good to see you at Donnington, as i'm still black thought i would remind you that i paid you on the day, no worries !!!
    20. cosworth415
      Found it £15 Paypal.
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