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What did you do to your Z this week?

Discussion in 'Anything and everything' started by jonbills, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. TimW

    TimW 1978 UK RHD 260z

    Quite a bit going on over past weeks, not had much time to post, but here's a montage of some of the progress on Christine... Will make a separate thread on resto journey shortly... :)


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  2. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer Staff Member Moderator

    Knowing you Tim, every little component will be spotless. Are you sticking with the flat-tops?
  3. TimW

    TimW 1978 UK RHD 260z

    Thanks and yes Rob, the plan is to keep the car original spec, I'm keeping points too :)... We'll see how it pans out in the long run. I'm curious to find out about tuning issues of the flat tops etc

    Moved in to my lock up Sunday to step up on the build of Christine, well, signed the lease anyways.. Looking for a 2 post ramp atm. First job is to hire a concrete polisher to smooth the concrete floor, then install the ramp. Busy sourcing shelves and stuff. Kettle and mugs a priority!.. :) Can't wait, should take a few weeks to kit out.. First job is to check out my suspension, something not right since I installed new front shocks. Tracking done twice, balanced wheels twice, but still a shimmer in steering wheel and when braking.. Brakes true inline, but still a shimmer.. Bearings OK..New disks a year back.. hmm

    In the meantime I've been trying my hand at plating for the build (Project Christine). Going quite well, just about to get into yellow chromate. Still much to learn.. Smaller items I may send off, but having the ability to plate is quite handy and has the spin off that I can do plating here and there, as and when on my maroon Z (technically Cherry Red) :)... The plan being nickle for my Z (cuz I like bling!) and yellow chromate for Addison's Z.


    Round to see DC Engine Builder today. Fantastic, I love being able to see the build as it progresses and to see the detail he goes into throughout the build, it's more than I can ask really. He takes the time to explain to a novice what he's doing, so I'm learning.. He's quite patient when he gets all techie and a blank look comes across my face! :) Plugs just about to go in..



    So, quite a busy few Z days. The plan is to do as many ancillary parts for the build now. There's not a great deal to do on the body work, that should start in a month or so. The thing in my mind is, if the body is done too early I might be tempted to rush on other areas to complete the build.. so.. all parts done first, therefore it should just be like my old Mechano set, ready to assemble!.. simple's yeah.. :)...
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  4. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    Fantastic stuff Tim, very interested in how it turns out. Fancy sharing what plating kit you've got?

    Nothing done to my car, except some more things put on the roof (again) ...

  5. SacCyclone

    Z Club Member

    Tension control rod bushings maybe???
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  6. status

    Z Club Member

    Those hose clips Tim you can get new at your local Koi carp dealer ,cheaper than sending em off to have old ones plated and you will need the adjustment tool to keep the carbs running good at all times,did have one,not sure if I’ve still got it also a colour tune,mine always run good
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  7. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer Staff Member Moderator

    My first thought too.
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  8. Woody928

    Z Club Member
    Staff Member Moderator

    I really hope it gets used and enjoyed, its going to be way better than when it left the factory when you'e done with it! :bow:
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  9. TimW

    TimW 1978 UK RHD 260z

    Awesome thanks Status, I'll save the ones I can, but good to know.. I need some for my Z. Never thought of looking there.. What's the tool like Status?

    Sure FB, the kit is from classic-plating.co.uk
    I purchased the 15ltr zinc kit and the electrolytic rust removal kit. TBH, they're great as starter and give good guidance, but soon realise the kit has limitations. Mainly due to tub/tank size. Much better/cheaper purchasing chemicals, variable power supply etc separately and tubs/tank from amazon or local hardware store, but great for starting out. Rust removal kit, very nice, takes all the hard work out of it, really impressed with results. I am planning on doing a separate thread on my progress and the kit. Next on the agenda is copper plating, don't know much about it, but understand it can be used as a filler for pitted items, prior to final plate.

    Thanks Cyclone/Rob.. Not thought of that, nice one, it's been baffling me. I'll check them out.

    Aye Woody, I hope so on all fronts.. The mission is to complete for Le Mans next year, Addison's first real Z adventure :).. We'll see.. 9/10 months and counting.. oh dear!.. lol


    As it came out after quick rinse under tap..
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  10. tyroguru

    Z Club Member

    Yes please!
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  11. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Moderator

    A nice new set of 68022 valve springs arrived from Schneider cams.
    Ready for the winter refresh.
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  12. Matt Berry

    Matt Berry
    Z Club Member

    Stripped down and built up the front and rear suspension. Blasted all the bits that were being reused and painted them satin black. New bearings, seals, and bushes all round. Fitted the Apex front and rear control arms, and tie rod ends. Then fitted the Willwood front brakes. Was lucky enough to get in contact with Dave Jarman thanks to Sean, to get one of his rear disc conversion kits. Turned out he only lived 20 mins down the road from me which was a bonus!

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  13. toopy

    Z Club Member

    Ran out of fuel for only the second time ever in the Z, i normally fill up as soon as the gauge gets to a quarter full, as it never drops any further. But i got complacent, passed the petrol station as i was only travelling 5 miles or so...... and a little later she choked and died on me! luckily it was a road i could pull over half up the kerb out of traffic.
    I rang a friend who brought me a can of fuel and she fired straight up :D
    Then i travelled another couple of miles and the brake pedal went firm and i had to stop again! I thought i had fixed the brake heating and sticking on situation for now, but apparently not!
    Sitting for 15 minutes waiting for the brakes to cool made no difference this time, so having a very basic tool kit in the boot for all these years finally paid off ;) I loosened the two nuts on the master cylinder, just enough to be able to wedge a couple of washers in the gap next to the bolts, tightened up and, wahey we have brakes, albeit with slightly more travel on the pedal. But they worked perfectly well on the careful journey back home, i had decided not to push my luck continuing the journey with said bodge!!
    Guess what I'll be attempting to un-bodge next weekend!! :confused:
  14. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    Finally, having been sent to the US in March, my carbs turned up from Z Therapy. A work of art.



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  15. status

    Z Club Member

    Tim I can’t remember wot it looked like,In fact I’ve probably still got it in my tool box and don’t know wot it is,I was running flat tops and all I used was a colour tune sometimes a vacuum gauge and the adjustment tool and it ran perfect but to be honest the best upgrade is a 280 zx dizzy-coil and a set of 240 carbs and get em refurbed by Z therapy as shown above,your Z will run perfect
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  16. TimW

    TimW 1978 UK RHD 260z

    Thanks Status, good to hear flat tops ran perfect.. Gotta keep the build stock.. that is, maybe till I drive it!.. :)

    A little further on my wheel shimmy, only a short drive after fix, but seems good.. Checked out the tension rod bushes as suggested, all good there, but still to check torque when I've access to a ramp.. hmm.. decided to check bearings again.. felt a slight wobble when when jacked up..

    Conclusion..I think I need to go back to school or maybe it was just a senior moment!..

    I'd done the bearings a few months back so had discounted them in my fault finding, but heck I'll redo them after feeling a slight wobble using same procedure as last time.. Torqued up, backed off 60 degrees... hmm.. something doesn't feel right.. google to check protractor.. wait a minute that's not 60 degrees.. durh!.... I'd taken 90 as if it 45 and and added a further 15 degrees, thus 105 degrees.. :).. oh dear.. for someone who has rebuilt houses designing down to cm it's not a good sign haha.. Will take the Z out again for long drive today to double check what I'm calling the "Timmy Shimmy" has gone!..

    105.. Really!.. SMH... :)
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  17. TimW

    TimW 1978 UK RHD 260z

    Drooling.. :)

    Very nice indeed..
  18. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer Staff Member Moderator

    Mmmm I may get shot-down in flames here but whenever I adjusted my wheel bearings I did it by feel. So tighten them slowing whilst spinning the hub until the nut gets a little hard to turn then gradually back-off until I'm just at the point where there is no play. Then of course slightly alter if the split-pin isn't aligned with a hole - use my judgement i.e. do I go a bit tighter or a bit slacker? Then refit wheel and check for 'play' and that it spins freely.

    Tension rods - they aren't really in tension but in compression when driving and especially braking. Anyway they need to be tight but not solid because they have to allow the wheel to rise and fall. Do you have rubber or 'poly' Tim?
  19. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer Staff Member Moderator

    The carbs look lovely. Do they renew needles/jets and I assume these are standard. How much does all this cost including shipping?
  20. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    Started the next zed project in earnest. Its a '74 260z that I had painted grey a while ago and it has just sat in the corner of the workshop. After a recent purchase of RHD dash, rack, heater and pedal box it made se3nce to convert this one. The engine bay was painted with the car so I've tried not to make too much mess when removing the battery tray and fitting the baulk head plate. I will paint the engine bay again but that's not the end of the world. Fitting the plate IMO is pretty straight forward if you are not trying to build a car that looks original RHD. I'm creating a usable RHD car the same as the silver one. Once you have removed the battery tray by drilling the spot welds out, you can get access to fitting the plate. You want to get it as low as possible with the steering column hole central over the chassis leg. The will then find a vertical pressing and 2 square pressings that hold the plate away from the flat section of baulkhead. I cut a slot in the vertical one and hammer/dolly it flat and do the same with the parts of the square ones that are covered by the plate. I then drill plenty of hole in the plate for puddle welding it on and drill through the brake, clutch and steering column mount holes and bolt the plate in place. Then just puddle weld it in plate the baulkhead and weld around the inside holes to the plate for good measure.

    That's about as far as I got on sunday but its a good start.
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