NEC Classic Motor Show - Promo code ?


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I'm planning on going...but is it just me....its v epxensive and £15 for parking is taking the !!!.....

Park in the international train station car park, it's closer and a little cheaper, not parked in the NEC car parks for a few years as it can be pot luck sometimes and you need to get a coach transfer sometimes. The train station cuts out all of that.


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You can book the car park beforehand online which IIRC takes it down to £12 from £16. Still ridiculous though. It should be no more than a tenner …


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As a local to the nec and that side of things. We used to park at Marston Green train station and get the train one stop (less than 60 seconds) to the nec. Car park at the station is free (it used to be anyway). Its convenient and has much shorter walk times.
Alternatively for the ones with a touch of cheek, park at resorts world and walk into the cinema and get your parking ticket verified (no humans involved, just pretend like you know where you're going). Then it's max parking charge of £1.50.
I used to work at the nec a heap too and can give good pointers to getting into whatever show for free too if you're so inclined. Can't really do it if you're wearing datsun t-shirts and blue jeans though.

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I recently bought tickets for the motorbike show. Car parking was £10 - £16.50 on the day.
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Thanks very much chaps - the Celicas were from which club please ?
Celica club uk Sean

The blue one was lovely …


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Celica club uk Sean

The blue one was lovely …
Thanks matey - I have permission to invite them to join us on our stand at next years' LMClassic !