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My Z faded out...

Discussion in 'General' started by TimFZ, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. dav118118

    Z Club Member

    Interesting position of your pump. I thought the facet pumps were pusher pumps rather than puller pumps. I have the exact same pump but mines positioned up next to the tank pushing fuel down the fuel rail to a pressure regulator in the engine bay.
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  2. TimFZ

    Z Club Member

    Yes, not seen that before but don't suppose it matters but it could be more sensitive to pressure drops between tank and pump.

    So my system is tank the large filter on 8mm pipe, then the cars delivery pipe up to another 8mm flexo to pump, then to that debris collector and then 8mm flexes to the fuel rail where each carb is fed from. At least the fuel is not separated or dirty.

    I bought a large new I line filter from our local motor store for £1.75 so much cheaper than the £5.95 on ebay! Also bought some fuel stabiliser for the winter when it won't get used much!
  3. moggy240

    moggy240 INSURANCE VALUATIONS OFFICER Staff Member Moderator

    I had my red top fuel pump mounted in the engine bay and did not have any problems fueling triple dellortos, but you are right they are supposed to be mounted near the tank to push the fuel.
  4. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer Staff Member Moderator

    I'm thinking that the garage you bought it from have fitted the electric pump. When I looked this car over I looked in the engine bay to see the engine number (re 2.4 statement). I would have remembered the pump I think. I also notice that you have the mechanical pump still in situ.

    I think from your picture that the return feed is still connected (from fuel rail) so switch the pump on, remove the fuel filler cap and listen to hear the fuel returning. I've done that before.

    20181130_133051.jpg 20181130_142445.jpg 20181130_133104.jpg 20181130_133129.jpg
  5. toopy

    Z Club Member

    When you say debris collector/swirl pot, do you mean the white/cream coloured object? because that looks like a OEM type fuel filter.

    My Facet is mounted in the engine bay, they are quite happy sucking fuel, as long as the maximum height above the tank is not exceeded.

    When i start mine after a long lay up, i run the pump for a few seconds first, mainly to prime the float bowls, and from the drivers seat you can normally here the fuel trickling back in to the tank on the return line before starting the engine.
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  6. TimFZ

    Z Club Member

    Yes, looks similar to what I was expecting but only top in and out connections and doesn't seem serviceable as cannot be opened. There is nothing in it except a few loose black bits which I got out with a few flushes and carb cleaner. It was pretty blocked with debris before I cleaned it. I would guess if the garage did put that pump in they didn't clean out the filter properly!
  7. TimFZ

    Z Club Member

    I had a resurgence of this problem. Of course, it was after I had minimal in the tank and then put in 30 litres of 99+ octane. This must have disturbed tank sediment.

    5 miles down the road, a stutter which gets worse and then dies. Now I understand the problem, to get around the 10 miles home, I went under the rear of the car and shook the large post tank filter, in to engine bay and shook the small white filter, and tapped the float bowls. Started straight away and only needed one more repeat on way home.

    I changed the white filter again and now have a replacement large rear filter. Longer term I'm taking out the tank.

    Planning to remove all fuel. Pull out the tank, flush out then use something like Evaporust in the tank to disolve what I can, pressure wash out and then when it's mostly clear, put a litre of diesel in the tank to splash about to prevent rust reoccurring. (obviously remove this before refilling!)

    I will do the same to the two hard fuel lines to be sure they are clear as well. Bit of a winter project!

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