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Discussion in 'Hybrid Z cars' started by Wyn, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Wyn

    Wyn Active Forum User

    Decided to take it on the chin in the end rather then put up my other car/trade insurances.
    Police can't do anything (so they now say) so no point as it will only cost me long term !!
    Doesn't need a jig, as was never hit in the wrong places
    Soon see, else could always turn it into a Nascar lol :D
  2. Mark N

    Mark N
    Z Club Member

    That looks like a lovely paint job!
    Great to see that you're getting it turned round fairly quickly! :thumbs:
  3. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Committee Member

    Looks great Wyn
  4. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer in training Staff Member Committee Member

    Hi Wyn, it doesn't rain but it pours - first your car and now your Membership has expired. ;)

    The car looks very good again and I always got the feeling that you were going to avoid the insurance hassle - your replies to questions and the gathering of parts was a bit of a giveaway.

    All the best with it and let's hope you have a bit more trouble-free motoring in the future.
  5. Wyn

    Wyn Active Forum User

    That's paying for the car :D
  6. candy red

    candy red
    Z Club Member

    Paint looks great Wyn good to see it coming on fast good luck with the rest of it not long before its back on the road again can't wait for another high speed ride :lol: well done sorting the car out :bow:

    Derrick ;)
  7. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer in training Staff Member Committee Member

    Yes, well done - a lot of people would have 'milked it'. Respect :bow:
  8. Wyn

    Wyn Active Forum User

    Cheers. Car should be ready to collect next week so will be busy then putting it back together.
    Might have to take a week off work lol

    Got me a few new suspension bitties turned up for it as well now
    I know I wasn't going to go that road again, but the nasty bug has bit once more :D
    Maybe get her the rears to match ....

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  9. Woody928

    Z Club Member

    Looks like a fantastic respray job, I bet your looking forward to getting it all sorted and back on the road!

    Have you set yourself a deadline or just seeing how it goes?
  10. Wyn

    Wyn Active Forum User

    tbh no, am not too fussed now as will only be sat outside.
    Not sure what to do about using a car cover on new paint ?
    But I have all the parts so shouldn't take long to get it rollin again
  11. Jon_Flynn

    Z Club Member

    Can't you rent a garage for a month or so to let the paint set a bit better?

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  12. Mr Ex Jnr

    Mr Ex Jnr Zeds is the way iv been shown Staff Member

    Hope the sun stay out give it chance to harden
  13. Wyn

    Wyn Active Forum User

    Already have 3 garages but all full of car parts, so don't want to rock the boat asking for a 4th lol
    Sure I will find a way !
  14. candy red

    candy red
    Z Club Member

    Where these a way theres a WYN :lol::bow:
  15. Wyn

    Wyn Active Forum User

    I've found a way, leave it on the back of the truck :thumbs:

    When it rains - I can just move it to a dry spot, simplz :D

    Carz back now so have started to stick it back together ...

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  16. Wyn

    Wyn Active Forum User

    few more ...

    Full credit to Gavin at the paint shop :bow:
    Real nice chap that keeps to his word

    Very pleased with the finished result now :thumbs:

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  17. Wyn

    Wyn Active Forum User

  18. candy red

    candy red
    Z Club Member

    Looks great Wyn looking forward to seeing it in the flesh :thumbs:

    Derrick ;)
  19. samuri-240

    samuri-240 New Forum User

    Hi Wyn

    The things I do for you ! ;) Just been in the garage (@ 2.30am) to check that I had a pair of the proper oem wedge shaped rubbers & not the flat after market ones.
    Your in luck sir, send me your address & I will get nice pair of wedged rubbers in the post to you. :thumbs:

  20. Wyn

    Wyn Active Forum User

    Star man, can't say fairer than that Gwyn :D

    Will pm you cheers :thumbs:

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