Interest for meet at the Motorist (Nr Leeds) - May 2023 - with 911s.


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Anyone interested in a cars and coffee style meet at ‘The Motorist ‘ - One saturday morning - was thinking either 6th or 13th May ?

Venue :

A friend of mine is an active member of the DDK forum - and interested in coming along with some pals who will be bringing along some interesting Porsches- mainly 911s.

I've been in touch with the motorist - and they are open to it .

No fees , no commitment to stay all day . Turn up - have a coffee /bacon sarnie - look at cars - go home.

Just an idea at this stage - but if a few interested .


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Ill start adding a list of whose going later - and im going to keep updating this thread .

If we can get a decent handful of cars together - it would be great to see .

There are currently 10 -12 aircooled 911 s going ........... and a 2CV for good measure .


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Yes I would love to, It would be nice to see some other Z cars and chat with you . I'm realistically a couple of hours away.
I won't know anyone but I'm not shy ;)
I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone from the club - and my mrs loves to remind me what an anti social git I am .

I like bacon . I like early 911’s. I love zeds.
What could go wrong …..


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I'd like to come to this providing the weather forecast is good for the day 😁
Great stuff . I think for many - me included - attendance will be weather dependant .

One of the advantages of having a meet up in the North of England - is the climate …..


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Hopefully it will be sunny with occasional showers ( unfortunately that’s the best we can hope for here up North 😆)