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Discussion in 'Anything and everything' started by DJZ 60, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. DJZ 60

    DJZ 60 Active Forum User

    MY 260z Picz Updated in Clazzifiedz Cheerzzzzzzzzzzzz DJZ 60.:cool:

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  2. boomer

    boomer New Forum User

    Like you I have a soft spot for those old Renault Fuego, yours is mint :bow:Congratulation
  3. DJZ 60

    DJZ 60 Active Forum User


    He,he,he,he Hi Fred...Yes....I remember dem Fuego's....Nice shape @ the time..
    How are ya? & how'z Coconut head? (u know who I

    R'gardzzzzzz DJZ 60.:D
  4. boomer

    boomer New Forum User

    All is for the better over here, the sun is there for sure ;)Boldy is on a Z project... again... :D
  5. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    It's Mr Baldy to you, Jacky ! And you Mr Rothman, is this bye, bye Zs finally , What about that stock of parts you promised me ?
  6. Dale

    Dale Committee Member Committee Member

    Well I'm yet to see this lovely motor in the flesh, so hopefully someone will buy it and bring it along to a show! :D;)
  7. DJZ 60

    DJZ 60 Active Forum User


    I would have sold it by now! but too bladdy slow uploadin' updated picz! anyway they are up there now! & I checked her over & shes sweet! Running great! & minor body
    work . & as usual If she goez she goez if she dont then i aint cryin' cause I know for certz that I like it! itz just I aint got time to enjoy drivin' her
    20mph speed bladdi limitz & all that. Oh yes! dont worry about them.... what I said....... (dry stored) & kept in protective quarterz!
    I am doing my own Album of songz & done all demo's & am concentratin' on making some big doe,so all my dreamz can come true....Then I will come & see ya in ma ferrari & we can put your cloggz on & drink some wine & dine
    & grind...:D
    Artiste formerly known as Z Club
  8. DJZ 60

    DJZ 60 Active Forum User


    Heh Upz Dale... Ma Z iz doin' a howard hughes thing...recluZive to a Zee!
    It does look great...after 3 yearz of not driven-ness...saved som dosh thou fuel & air pressure & Mr.F:D
  9. DJZ 60

    DJZ 60 Active Forum User


    Hi Everyone. My Above 260Z 2 + 2 has been Sold along with some bits
    ( Rear lights -Handbrake cable etc. etc. etc).

    I Still have some comprehensive bits for sale ( To fund a Van purchase )

    Mostly 260z 2 + 2 Bits but may be compatible to other Z series cars. R'gardz 2 all Whom I know & miss :) :) :) :)
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  10. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    Do us a list mate !

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