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Diesel brothers z car destruction video ( withdrawal)

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by AD240Z, Sep 12, 2021.

  1. AD240Z

    Z Club Member

    In the video

    Appears they bought a load of old datsun/ Nissan/ z’s and destroyed them, withdrawing the video when comments got negative ?

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  2. Jay.

    Z Club Member

    I don't really understand why people were so upset - the cars were obviously junk.
  3. Mr Ex Jnr

    Mr Ex Jnr
    Z Club Member

    There were lots of Z that the head lots of useable parts that's the down side to it

    Some good project cars could been in there made 1x out of 2 who no what condition they were in

    Still sad to see
  4. Mark N

    Mark N
    Z Club Member

    I today's market maybe, but the goalposts for 'beyond economical repair' are subject to change.
    Look at the projects that are being taken on today that would have been broken for parts 10 years ago.
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  5. AD240Z

    Z Club Member

    Like all of these so called 'reality ' shows - its all just about creating content, 'likes' and online appearances .

    What they have shown do look pretty rough but not sure they are stripped as far as they can go.....


    disel 2.jpg

    I spent a fair bit of working life visiting scrap yards - and there is one thing i do know .

    I have never ever , ever ever , ever visited one where the owner doesnt know the price of scrap !!!!!!

    He sold them for $7500 and they got over $19000 worth of scrap !? - even with transport and handling............
  6. Bazzateer

    Z Club Member

    "70 rare sports cars" ?

    If there are 70 examples in one scrap yard then I don't class that as rare. Likewise, in my eyes a Z is a GT, not a sports car. For me, a sports car has no roof.
  7. Jason McIvor

    Jason McIvor
    Z Club Member

    quite a few 5-speed gearboxes I could've had :banghead:
  8. toopy

    Z Club Member

    More sunroofs in evidence than i would ever expect to see in one place, even with that many S30's, i thought they were utterly reviled even in the US.
  9. datsfun

    Z Club Member


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  10. AliK

    Z Club Member
    Staff Member Moderator

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  11. Bazzateer

    Z Club Member

    I said a sports car has no roof. I did not say all cars without roofs are sports cars. ;)
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  12. candy red

    candy red
    Z Club Member

  13. AD240Z

    Z Club Member

    So are all sports cars - roadsters?
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  14. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Well-Known Forum User

    And should they be two-seaters only ? That obviously negates the SP(L)310 1963-4...which had 3x:rolleyes:
  15. Bazzateer

    Z Club Member

    Not necessarily. A roadster has a removable or cut-down/lower windscreen and no usable soft top. There also needs to be an element of performance for it to be a sports car.
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  16. Bazzateer

    Z Club Member

    2 forward facing seats. The SP(L)310 had a sideways seat squeezed behind the front two. Still a sports car but a third person on board would probably negate any performance! ;)
  17. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Well-Known Forum User

    With a sweep, you've now deleted many cars known as sportscar worldwide:D !

    A sportscar has no rood (exit already those FHCs and also hardtopped), now a different windscreen and lastly NO useable soft-top.

    A couple of pedantic observations here :

    What does useable mean - surely if one is present, it's useable ?

    An element of performance - this is subjective as performance has evolved over the years - one would have to compare period performances.

    Rewrite the book.:cheers:
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  18. AD240Z

    Z Club Member

    Isn’t that a speedster ?
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  19. Huw

    Z Club Member

    Some opinions are perceived right some not so right, but we’ve all got one and an opinion.

    I’ll stick with the definition in most dictionaries:
    “A sports car is a low, fast car, usually with room for only two people.”

    But that’s my opinion for what it’s worth.
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  20. Bazzateer

    Z Club Member

    Hey guys, these are just my opinions, and as we all know, opinions are like ar5eh0les, everyone has one!

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