Carb Rebuild


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Anyone in he UK rebuild 240z carbs, or is it more or less a matter of going to zTherapy (currently a 9 month waiting list!)


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Nicely done, I had to supply them with a refurbish kit from rockauto.

If you read the whole thread, it is pointed out that if your throttle shaft bushes, or jets are in a bad condition, they're not easily replaced and are a pig's ear to find.

I was lucky enough that my bushes and jets were in a great condition, but speaking to coln engineering, he did say he wouldn't have done the work if he couldn't get it fully functional.

Also needed tuning / balancing afterwards which goes without saying.

Finally, if you have a quick search, I'm sure there's a thread somewhere regarding conversation to HS6 SU's which have an abundance of parts in the UK.

The above link is a brand new conversation set however, it has been said that you could convert it for a lot cheaper by sourcing second hand parts.

Hope that helps 👍