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    Meeting on Sunday 2nd February in honour of Mike Feeney (Mr.F)

    Lovely clear photos of all the Zeds that lined up on this memorable day. Wonderful to see so many faces from way back in our historical past of the SEKZ Group and Zed Club members who travelled a heck of a long way to be their. Its been a long time since the Halfway House has been so...
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    RIP Mike Feeney

    Great and lasting memories over the past 25 years of a truly super guy and one of the best chums one could ever wish for. Mike was and always will be the one and only Mr Zed. It was good to see Mike happily chatting to many of his chums at the Halfway House SEKZ meeting last weekend. RIP...
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    Borough Market / London Bridge meet up without Zs!

    Now that's what I call friendship. Looks like you'r all having a very jolly time. Did anyone actually drive in with a Z?
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    parts needed to finish restoration

    I think I may just have a pair of early Z31 rear turbo discs. They will probably require skimming. Also I do have a pair of very good early rear turbo callipers I have a z31 turbo bonnet with good lagging. Also complete door rubbers both sides. and positively tons of other early Z31 Yummies such...
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    superbly restored alloys from "The Wheel Specialist"

    Following a particularly unfortunate scrape with a rather large lump of concrete kerbing: Atrocious weather conditions, heavy rain, spray and visibility down to a couple of metres resulting in a particularly badly scarred offside front wheel. Had the car up on the ramp and steering checked...
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    260z on ebay

    If your looking for a RHD really collectable, (scarce)1978 2 seater 260z totally original, with superb engine and manual gearbox and pretty clean interior (other than carpets) that requires a new floor assembly and some other perfectly do-able body bits. (there,s a replacement rear hatch...
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    Membership Renewal Reminders

    Hi Rob,Really sad to hear of your very deep loss. From what you say it was a terrific innings. Will look forward to being the first to visit the New Micro Brewery to raise a glass of "42 merlin" to him. ChazL
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    Z Only Day

    Promises to be a fun Z day out. Thanks for the post Steve.A chance to catch up with the Midland Guys and Girls. ChazL
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    Photos needed for 2017/18 Calendar please

    Hi Everybody. Thought your photos Woody 928 were classic. Your 4th photo with the harbour background fits the bill precisely in the catergory No2. Bridges, Dams, Canals, Rivers, Streams, Fords, Harbours, Esturies and Reservoirs etc. However. Being the pragmatist. I would be perfectly happy...
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    Goodbye - and thanks for all the fish !

    That could be fun . Put a really interesting bet on WITH STUNNING ODDS for Wales to Win: It was thought's of Leicester that did it. A totally pragmatic decision for a mere twenty quid layout. I was going to put a bet on for an interesting treble. 1) Brexit would win 2) Boris for PM 3) 4)...
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    Euro Road Trip Prep

    Hi Sean. Seems to me you've missed including probably, among'st the most important items. Spare hoses. Leave them at your peril. Also replacement lamps. Once upon a time you would buy a touring kit which included all the gaskets etc. Have a great trip and don't forget to check the spare wheel...
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    Really pleased everyone (so far) seems to have enjoyed the 2016 Z Calendar. Makes it all worth while and why I love Zs and the people who drive them. How about getting those ever so special (very creative) photos of your pride and joy(s) together for the 2017 Calendar. Very special engines...
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    Martinmac a true gent Passed

    Truly, a deeply sad moment for the Z community. What a terrific Guy. He will remain an indelible part of my memory book. Our thoughts are with you Liz. Chas and Hugh.
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    Mike Feeney in hospital

    The only steep hill I can recall in Brighton that would inflict such a severe reaction has to be King George v Avenue on the way to the Devil's Dyke. Wonder where the Floyd were playing? Anyway ole Mate, We will all be thinking of you.Get well soon.
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    Through a letterbox near you Merry Christmas

    Not to mention Griffs 240Z and part 2 of Len Welch's Feature 240Z. Total Zeds featured 2 No 240Z together with Zmec article covering 240Z/250Z. 2 No 280ZX I No Z31 facelift Turbo. 2 No Z32 Just nobody bothered to send in anything featuring 350Z /370Z. Perhaps some owners of Z33 and Z34 might...