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Project RBZ - RB26 Swapped 240Z

Discussion in 'Hybrid Z cars' started by Garaculas, Aug 24, 2020.

  1. Ian

    Z Club Member

    Was looking through some photos this evening and when I saw these I thought of this.

    They don't half get hot, although most of the heat is the manifolds and since there is a lot more manifold with a single setup perhaps the smaller surface area of a single turbo would be about equalled out compared to a twin setup by this.


  2. Garaculas

    Z Club Member

    Blimey, they’re getting very hot indeed! Yeah I think you’re right, what exhaust setup and size pipe are you using on that setup?
  3. Ian

    Z Club Member

    That was on the dyno right after several high boost runs. Pre turbo temps can get close to 900'c

    Running Tomei turbo elbows and a 3" exhaust. Actually going to be making a new downpipe to be equal length this time and will be starting with 68-70mm pipes stepping up to 3" at the y pipe.

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