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Discussion in 'New to the website!' started by vpulsar, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. vpulsar

    vpulsar Well-Known Forum User

    Hi all I'm new to the forum, I've been reading it for a while but paid up today to become a full member, I used to own a left hook 260x 2+2 about 20 years ago and loved it to bits, Being young at the time I ended up ruining it though!

    I'm in the proses of selling my newly finished 517 BHP Pulsar Gti-R, at the moment, It's taken me 7 years and nearly 60k to build and is a fantastic car to drive on the open road, But I'm bored with all that power, How does that old saying go > to much power corrupts :devil:, I can see me loosing my licence if I'm not careful :(.

    Anyway I'll be in the market for another 260Z soon, I've spotted a couple I like on pistonheads and on here, But this time I'm going for a 2 seater rather than a 2+2, I'm not sure in what direction I want to go with it though, I don't think I would go after big numbers again because I want something far more drivable, So with that in mind I think 300 bhp is my ultimate goal.

    I'd appreciate any advice from you guys, My last one had tripple 40 webbers which where pretty good but wouldn't give me the power I'm after, For that matter I doubt the 6 pot could be pushed that far or am I mistaken ?, Ideally I'd rather get the standard engine to go that far if pos, Cost not being a problem, My other idea was to maybe fit a 3.9-5.0lt rover V8 and a big Holly carb.

    Anyway hello to one and all and thanks in advance for any advice given.

    Regards Rob

    Z Club Member

    Hi Rob
    Welcome back to the Z Scene like a lot of ex owners something about them gets in your blood and makes you want to return to them
    Take your time looking for the right Z for you needs it will be out there
  3. Nidge74

    Nidge74 Guest

    Hi and welcome to Zclub.

    I really wish I was in a position to buy that Pulsar. :(

    Any pics? and what price would you be expecting, you know - just in case I have enough down the back of the couch. ;)

    I have very little knowledge of the early Z's but someone will be along shortly to advise about your technical questions :thumbs:
  4. Wyn

    Z Club Member

    Fair play m8 :cool:

    Good luck what ever you decide :thumbs:
  5. vpulsar

    vpulsar Well-Known Forum User

    Cheers for the welcome guys.

    I'm asking 15k for my Pulsar which may seem a lot for an old Nissan sunny :conf2::eek:, But it's cost me over 60k to get it to this spec and quality and is worth every penny of 25k really, But I'll never get that so I've settled for 15k which is still going to break my heart but needs must, And it needs to go to a good home.

    I'll leave it until next weekend then I'm going to start pulling it apart and selling it off in parts, Which to be honest is the best way to make more of my money back, But not the way I wanted it to end, I'd rather make less money and see it go to a good home.

  6. moggy240

    moggy240 INSURANCE VALUATIONS OFFICER Staff Member Moderator

    my mate had a pulsar with about 350 bhp and that was very quick,yours must be like a motorbike on 4 wheels fast :devil::devil:
  7. vpulsar

    vpulsar Well-Known Forum User

    It is very very fast mate, I had a blast with a 900 sport bike the other week and left him standing :devil:, I've also come across a few big tourers and made them look like they had the brakes on :D.

    I doubt I'd be able to beat some of the really big sport bikes but I wouldn't be far behind ;).

  8. Dale

    Z Club Member

    Welcome to the club, Rob.

    I'll look forward to seeing how your new project comes along. Don't forget to keep us updated as you go. :thumbs:
  9. vpulsar

    vpulsar Well-Known Forum User

    Cheers mate :D.

    Heres a few pics of my other new car which we picked up yesterday :rolleyes:, Get your sick bags ready though as its not a looker and the rear lights are plain nasty :eek:.


    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 14, 2008
  10. Mr Ex

    Mr Ex I've seen it, I've been there.

    Hi Rob welcome to the club I've been into Z's since 1980.

    Actually I don't think it's too bad I prefer hatchbacks & it's a lot better than the bozzeyed thing before the last model.
  11. Russ

    Z Club Member

    Why did you buy it if you seem to think it's so ugly? :D I must admit my favourite scooby doo was the early rally ones, they looked mean back then. This one is growing on me though.

    517bhp! Brilliant! Have you got any pics??

    BTW Your pistonheads advert seems to have been taken down due to a wrong e-mail address?

    Welcome to the club :)
  12. vpulsar

    vpulsar Well-Known Forum User

    Few pics.

    I've no idea what happened with the piston head add, I got a couple of emails about the car and responded, No matter because I'm now breaking it instead.


  13. DJZ 60

    DJZ 60 Well-Known Forum User

    Great Picz rob keep em comin' & updatez on Z search/purchase. I'm on 4th 260Z 2+2 would'nt change it
    love it! DJZ 60.

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