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Mar 18, 2019 at 4:07 PM
Jan 31, 2002
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December 10
Greenford, Middlesex

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, from Greenford, Middlesex

STEVE BURNS was last seen:
Mar 18, 2019 at 4:07 PM
    1. ozting
      Morning Steve,
      I am thinking of taking my 240z (gnoses to Spa for the classic event in May.
      Can you tell me is there anything z related happening, I heard on the grape vine that the 50th was being ceibrated there but not seen anything else about it?
      Am I better contacting them directly regards showing the car & club entry?

      Thanks for your help if you can.

      1. STEVE BURNS
        Mar 8, 2019
    2. Robert Flavell
      Robert Flavell
      Good evening Steve, are you able to help with an update on my dating letter request, any info would be appreciated. Regards, Bob
    3. Robert Flavell
      Robert Flavell
      Good evening Steve, please can I ask for your assistance again in contacting Ali regarding the dating letter for my 280z, have tried email but no response since Dec 16th. The car is now in limbo until it has a plate on it, its MOT'd and ready to go as soon as it is registered. Sorry to be a pain, cheers, Bob
    4. Big-Col
      Hi Steve,
      Long time !!! Hope you are ok ?
      Count me in for silverstone ... probably bring 280zx
    5. Borderline 260
      Borderline 260
      Hi Steve, how do I start a new post? thanks ellis
      1. STEVE BURNS
        Hi Ellis Sorry just seen this but also seen that I think you have worked out how to do it cheerz steve
        Dec 8, 2018
    6. lindam1767
    7. lindam1767
      Hi there
      The dvla has told me that I need dating evidence for my 350z
      Can you help?
      It was registered in southern Ireland and I want to register it in the UK
      Index 07 dl 350
      My mobile 07960936019
      Thank you
    8. chojna
      Hi Steve I'm trying to register my imported 240z I don't have title or any paperwork. DVLA told me that club could help me with confirmation title for registration?
      Car has been nova registered 2 years ago and now it's ready to drive .
      Many thanks
    9. Ravster
      Hi Steve, I am wanting to sell my 260Z 2 seater RHS 1974 and wanting to join the Z Club but I am going around in circles !! Do you have a contact number or please call me on 07865 084425. Thanks, Ravi
    10. Naji Malak
      Naji Malak
      Hi there, I'm trying to pay the subscription charge, having joined the club about five minutes ago. However, my debit card is linked to my PayPal account, for which I do not have the password. Any hints on alternative payment methods please?
      1. STEVE BURNS
        Jun 7, 2018
    11. Lisa Brown
      Lisa Brown
      Hi, I am finally restoring my 1969 240Z chassis 251
      I am in nz and struggling to find parts. I need to find cost effective replacement doors and rh guard to start.
      Can you point me in the right direction to obtain these parts.
      Thank you in advance.
      1. Lindsay Currie
        Lindsay Currie
        Possibly will have RF guard available shortly. We are in NZ - email
        Jun 15, 2018
    12. M & J
      M & J
      Hello Steve
      I was lucky to find this site by googling Datsun 280zx UK
      I am hoping you may be able to assist me as I'm enquiring where I can purchase rear brake pads for my partners prized 1981 datsun 280 zx , I tried Ebay but my order was cancelled as the sellar says its very difficult to acquire them now
      I'm in Essex
      regards jane
      1. STEVE BURNS
        Hi TRY Mr.F aka Mike Feeney who is MJP Auto on here and he should have them He is also in Essex
        May 25, 2018
    13. Mark of Ealing
      Mark of Ealing
      Hello Steve, I havn't visited this site for decades. I am most impressed with its layout
    14. Al Douglas
      Al Douglas
      Sorry Steve, that was meant for Rob but happy new year to you too!
    15. Al Douglas
      Al Douglas
      Evening Steve and a very happy new year when it arrives.
      Subscription paid via PayPal for another year of fun!
      Best regards.
    16. steveKemp
      Hi Steve

      Thanks for the test MP, it is working fine.

      Regards Steve Kemp
    17. Rudyard
      Hi Steve,Trust you are well.The 240z For Sale thread has now digressed to Mike B's ebay sale along with MR G and status discussing their cars on the same thread so is it now struggling as the slagging of has slowed down?Regards Roger
    18. Red7
      Hi Steve, hope you're well, maybe a daft question but I can't see where to start a thread? Is there a 'new topic' button anywhere?


    19. Rudyard
      Steve,My apologies to you and all members bar one.I should not have responded to a petulant member calling us Lazarus and questioning whether its me or my father but we are all human.Regards Roger
    20. 280zxexowner
      Hi Steve, sorry to bother you but wonder if you could answer a question for me. I'm going to Japfest on Sunday and have purchased track time for the morning session. Unfortunately my engine rebuild has taken longer than anticipated and the engine won't be run in before Sunday. I was wondering therefore if a friend of mine could have my slot instead. He doesn't have a Japanese car though, do you think that is feasible or not mate.
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