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Sywell Classic: Pistons & Props - 25/26 September 2021

Discussion in 'Shows & Meets' started by ALN, Mar 5, 2021.

  1. candy red

    candy red
    Z Club Member

    Thanks Huw received it :cheers:
  2. Fairlineguy

    Z Club Member

    Unlikely to make Sunday. If anyone would like a ticket to put there car on the stand pm.
  3. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator

    I have an email from the organisers today, some info useful for everyone.

    Dear Exhibitor,

    Thank you for joining us at the Sywell Classic 25th & 26th September 2021

    Set - up times:

    Friday 24th September - 12 noon till 6pm

    Saturday 25th September 8am till 9.30am

    Sunday 26th September 8am

    Show opening times:
    Saturday 25th September - 10am till 5.30pm
    Sunday 26th September - 10am till 5pm

    Sywell Aerodrome - Hall Farm, Northamptonshire, Sywell, NN6 0BN

    You will have received an E-net which allows you to access your tickets - thank you if you have downloaded these already, any problems with these tickets please let me know and I can assist

    When you arrive to site please follow the signs for the exhibitor gate where you will be greeted and asked for your ticket - once you have been processed and issued wristbands then you will be sited into position, once you have been processed and have all accreditation it will be a 24hr gate available to come and go

    ALL EXHIBITORS: Please note - we require you to remain in position and NOT breakdown your stand until the event is finished and cleared of day visitors - if you are not able to commit to the whole day/weekend please speak with the organisers pre show

    NO DOGS ALLOWED ON SITE - due to live track racing

    We ask you are all mindful on social distancing and sanitizing of your areas and mask's are to your own discretion

    Please let me know any other information you may require at this stage

    Kind regards

  4. Mr Ex Jnr

    Mr Ex Jnr
    Z Club Member

    I will leaving early before then be around 3pm I go mate 2 1/2 hrs

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