Super Samuri on Car and Classics


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"car started life as L24-169877 - a standard production Datsun 240Z"

'course it did.


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I don't think it will sell.
I’m with you on this Rob. The pricing attached to that car in all listings so far has been adventurous. Having seen it numerous times over the years, it is a nice car. But at that price point, it deviates too far from what I would envisage as a Super Samuri - I.e. no two tone paint job, the sunroof, other cosmetics, etc. on that note, do we know if that car was ever painted in the red/bronze combo?


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got to be worth £20k?

then you've some wiggle room to sort out whatever the cill covers are hiding, replace the roof, respary.
I’d say more than that tbh, based on other cars that are available right now. Just a personal opinion, haven’t seen the car, but probably £30k up.


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This car been discussed on here before, bid to £40k and unsold at Silverstone Classic/Iconic auction back in August, reserve was around £50k.