S30 Horn Date Codes


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So, today I opened some of the parts bins that I have for various years of S30 cars and located several S30 horns.
I was able to locate the date codes stamped on the back of the horn body but am having a hard time figuring out what the date codes actually mean in years.

Did a little research on google which lead me to some of the Z car forums in the states and while I think i have the answers to some of the date codes, not all were answered.

This is what I came up with so far but not too sure if the info i found was correct. It would make sense if they followed what i have already found below...(T = 1970, U = 1971 Etc.)
Letters = Years
Numbers = Month
Anyone have any information on date codes related to factory horns????


S = 1069
V = 1972
W= 1973

I took pics of the horns I have and marked them in black as to the date stamp.
My new Ultrasonic cleaner pictured that I may give a try once I disassemble the horns.



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Also found that very early horns were painted a drab olive green and a change was made to black at some point.