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Project "Down under" 240Z - (RB25det)

Discussion in 'Hybrid Z cars' started by bigh, May 22, 2020.

  1. Jay.

    Z Club Member

    Good luck with this build, looks really good! I'd also recommend going over the whole shell but I can't blame you for wanting to get stuck in!
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  2. Albrecht

    Albrecht Well-Known Forum User

    I agree. Pretty scary stuff in the photos so far. Major structure of the bodyshell (inner and outer sills) is clearly compromised and will require big work to rectify properly.
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  3. bigh

    Z Club Member

    Thanks for all of the input guys especially on the body work etc. I have planned to sand it down to see exactly whats hiding under the primer/paintwork. I certainly don't plan on tackling any welding on the body work myself, that will done by body shop.

    On the engine side of things, the Haltech ECU arrived the other day.
  4. Rushingphil

    Z Club Member

    I hope I'm wrong, but I fear that getting a body shop to complete the repairs to a good standard will be prohibitively expensive. Not fancy learning the skills alongside your son?
  5. richiep

    Z Club Member

    Looking back at the first page, I’d also recommend a laser-like focus on what’s gone on with the rad support panel. It’s got plates welded onto it on both sides (there should be three holes either side of the red opening, not two) and there’s signs of deformation (top hole, left hand side). The fact it’s covered with a thick layer of underseal should set off alarm bells. It’s possibly had extensive rust damage and/or a front end whack. Something non-factory is being hidden

    Get a big pack of wire brushes for your drill or grinder, and a propane torch and get scraping!
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  6. Albrecht

    Albrecht Well-Known Forum User

    Appears to me as though the whole lower radiator core support crossmember has been replaced (looks like the generic 74820 factory part with the aircon-related brackets) and the non-factory welds attaching it to the original core support panel are visible along the top edge of the new section.

    Agree that this probably indicates a front-end collision in the past, and the damage to the RH core support top ledge corner - and that whole area - is also visible. Needs careful investigation. Might be a good candidate for the complete repro core support panel from APS.
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  7. richiep

    Z Club Member

    As Alan says, Andy Plant/APS ("woody" on this forum) is your friend here. His complete repro core support is a no-brainer for issues like that.

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