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Number Plate Placement

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Huw, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. Huw

    Z Club Member

    I've been trawling the internet to understand the rules on number plate placement. But not getting very far. I want to use a light panel between the rear lights on my 280ZX which would mean moving the number plate to either on or below the rear bumper.

    This would make it quite low down. I thought there was a minimum distance from the ground the number plate had to be? But I can't find anything specific on this, anyone with any idea?


    Huw. :unsure:
  2. candy red

    candy red
    Z Club Member

    Hi Huw been having a look to see if there is a certain height ,but on most sites it seem there isn't a required just that the plate itself is the right size and letters are spaced right and correct size,and also fixed in palace where it can be photograft i.e. not laid flat inside grill should be mounted as vertical as possible ,but height from the ground dosnt matter

  3. Lexx

    Lexx Well-Known Forum User

    So far as I am aware, it just has to be as close to vertical as possible (as well as correct spacing/font/makers postcode etc)
  4. Harby300

    Harby300 Active Forum User

  5. 280REZ

    280REZ 280ZX 2 + 2 Targa ,Auto 1981


    I've been using cherished plates for years and have always stuck to the rules. However on the subject of spacing it astounds me the number of illegal plates that are fitted. I believe the police must be turning a blind eye.

  6. Harby300

    Harby300 Active Forum User

    They pretty much tun a blind eye unless you do something naughty and give them a reason to pull you. then its a £60 fine and straighten the plate..

    Z Club Member

    One of the exceptions is when leaving Japfest as they are lined up on the roads outside as that particular police force think it is Christmas for them and pull over loads for this reason
    When I got done a couple of years back they did me for this and when informed that the plate had been on it for quite a few years and had passed every MOT with it on they said
    "We dont care about other areas but you wont get away with it with us"
  8. red baron

    red baron Well-Known Forum User

    you need to read road and construction manual info is in there
  9. Harby300

    Harby300 Active Forum User

    Nightmare that Steve, never heard of anybody getting pulled for that reason alone before...
    sounds like a money making exercise to me??

    Z Club Member

    It certainly is a couple of years ago the organisers even announced it over the speakers at the event
  11. candy red

    candy red
    Z Club Member

    Police were waiting for jap cars on the way to Japshow Santapod this year pulled me and lots of other cars ,I had black and silver pates had the right plates in the boot just made me swap them no fine. Iwas lucky as most that were stopped got £100 fine the cops that pulled me said they had already fined 70 people that was 8.30 sunday morning £7000 not really a money maker then all road legal apart from plates could have gave them a warning instead
    not good for police PR easy targets Jap car show ,:(


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