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Looking for parts connection

Discussion in 'New to the website!' started by max@ resurrected classics, Apr 22, 2021.

  1. Hey guys, just wanted to update this thread. We now have the taillight panels and spare tire wells in stock, as well as steel hardlines and emblems. We ship internationally and if anyone was interested in doing a group buy we would offer a discount, thanks! here is our updated website https://resurrectedclassics.com/ IMG_8987-removebg-preview_1024x1024 (1).png IMG_8988-removebg-preview_1024x1024 (1).png
  2. Albrecht

    Albrecht Well-Known Forum User

    As has been pointed out elsewhere, the photos/images shown appear - for all the world - to depict a genuine, original factory tail light & rear valance panel. I note the holes where factory spotwelds would attach the panel to a bodyshell too.

    These are quite complicated pieces to reproduce, with one very large pressing and several smaller pressings spotwelded to it. There are also numerous captive nuts, fastener brackets, wire harness tabs, interior trim brackets and the ever-elusive tail light garnish spring clips attached to it.

    All the images I've seen from Resurrected Classics appear to show this same single item. Call me a cynical old Hector, but I'd like to see a few more detailed photos of the actual product and a better description. I'm struggling to believe that the bulk production will match the factory part in its complex detail, but also wondering if - for example - it comes in a chromated finish, weld-through primer finish or just bare metal. If I had gone to the trouble of producing something like this I wouldn't be shy about showing the fine details or helping people to understand the tooling-up costs behind it all.
  3. As has been pointed out elsewhere already, these panels have already been produced in number, earlier in this thread you can see pictures of multiples of these panels, showing that it wasnt a one-off panel or an original nissan panel, but i will post the pictures again. You can see the final finish of the panel as well, and I will also show the mold we use to stamp the panels. If you have anymore questions or would like to learn more about the panels I would be happy to help.
    IMG_9043.JPG 34D9828F-089B-4623-B449-14896E80735B.jpeg.ff13678a6ac558ec8e20c0b6c8bca122.jpeg 0987AB27-430A-49BC-BF07-47DE67112006.jpeg.a2bf08aed4d92905eb44ae5c60e4b3d1.jpeg D8F8A6AA-DC45-4541-9F5A-FB7B9994C281.thumb.jpeg.891c5083c5aa981809cdcc20e9007e8b.jpeg
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  4. 240L31

    Z Club Member

    I'm seriously impressed. I wish these parts were available years ago!

    Are there any plans to reproduce the rear quarter panels?
  5. Albrecht

    Albrecht Well-Known Forum User

    Thanks again, but your post simply reinforces the point I'm trying to make. I see a stack of pressed panels with none of the details that I mentioned, and then a fully-assembled version with the hatch slam panel, brackets and other details, and with an applied finish. Which is which, and what actually comes on the final product?

    For example, are all the interior trim fixing brackets in place and - if so - which version has been produced (early, or late?). Are all the hose and harness tabs included on the inside and - if so - again, which market version? Are the complete rear garnish spring clips attached, or just the bottom half of their mountings? That's the kind of thing I'm not fully understanding here.

    Kudos for the work, but don't sell yourself short for lack of explanation.
  6. the picture of the panel with the finish is the final product, the stack of panels was just to show our production process and that it wasn’t a factory piece and that we had them in stock since you were worried. The finished panel has the details, such as the wire loom holders, captive nuts, and the mounts for the rear interior plastic piece. And by early or late I’m assuming you mean 260/280 versus 240? This is the first I’ve ever heard the term used.
  7. here is a side by side comparison of our panel with the NOS Datsun panel that we used as a template. I will also include pictures from our installation of the panel on a customers 1970-240z, you can see how well the panel lines up, especially with the factory holes to the bumper mounts and around the taillight holes. IMG_1556.png IMG_1559.jpg IMG_1557.jpg IMG_1558.jpg
  8. Possibly in the future, now we have our hands full with making all removable panels and then some misc panels.
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  9. Albrecht

    Albrecht Well-Known Forum User

    Thanks for clarifying. All along I thought that was the original Nissan panel you were using as a sample.

    Great. Thank you. What about the tail light garnish spring clips? Not possible?

    No, I mean all S30-series Zs up to the end of '73 (since that's when the panel changed to the twin lamp type). If you follow the part numbers there were E41, E46 and E81 versions, but there were also minor detail differences between - for example - 1969 and late 1970, without a part number change or noted supersession. It is mostly contained within trim fixings and hose tabs, but I would imagine it is most likely you are copying a North American market replacement panel which probably had a one-size-fits-all application (similar to some of the other factory replacement panels) and people with Aus, NZ, UK, Euro and Japanese market cars will be able to adapt to suit where necessary.

    Good work.
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  10. franky

    franky Well-Known Forum User

    This is great stuff.

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