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important: rules on use of the forum

Discussion in 'Anything and everything' started by steven lack, Jul 4, 2005.

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  1. steven lack

    steven lack New Forum User

    hi all ,
    it would be niceto know:
    how many of you , club web users are familiar with the rules of using this site etc?

    cheers steve
  2. moggy240

    moggy240 INSURANCE VALUATIONS OFFICER Staff Member Moderator

    what rules ??????????????

    apart from common sense.
  3. steven lack

    steven lack New Forum User

    nice tp see you at back to basics

    "you say what rules"?????????????????????
    this i presume mean's that you haven't looked at all the references at the top of the home page :
    ie gallery, membership,etc
    right next to contacts on the right are rules

    common sense does often prevail but like any and probably every other web site there are rules to adhere to when using sites , which is why they are moderated

    cheers steve
  4. Russ

    Russ All killer no filler

  5. Tony 260Z

    Tony 260Z
    Z Club Member

    Must confess I hadn't read 'em (but have now). All seem pretty sensible and on a par with other forums I've seen.


    Z Club Member

    back to the top to remind users that there are guidelines and rules regarding conduct and posts on this forum.
    Any imflamatory posts will by deleted from this forum
    link to the rules is

    And then Admins, Moderators and Committee Members can spend thier time trying to move the Website and the Club forward
  7. steven lack

    steven lack New Forum User

    very good steve
  8. ZHead

    ZHead New Forum User

    I have never read the rules, working on the principle if you are a valuable member of a forum things will be OK, if you are too vitriolic or aggressive then you will get flamed, however..........

    In the spirit of open debate I do not think it is healthy to moderate too heavily, for example if one person has an opinion out of kilter with everyone else's. That is the real benefit of a forum like this, we get pushed, challenged, have our eyes opened to new ideas and are subject to new blood and new influences.

    In the past I have been shot down, had fairly vitriolic arguments about V8s and several other things but we are all big boys (and girls) here, we should be able to stand the argument and more importantly learn stuff along the way. Besides, it is healthy to argue, debate and articulate your own point of view.

    In actual fact, the people I had the most vitriolic arguments with are now people I exchange emails with offline from the forum, we learned how to cope with each other's views and found that we quite liked each other and actually had much more respect for the other person's views than ever we thought we did to start with. :D
  9. steven lack

    steven lack New Forum User

    hi Zhead
    an pinion out of kilter is okay,
    but verbal defamation and or aggressive insulting / confrontational remarks to a person or individuals will not be tolerated.
    the rest is common sense , because lets face it , it would be lovely to not to have to moderate anybody , but unfortunately there are those that have to go to far , red rag to the bull and all that

    but question , does this mean you have now read the rules as the thread asked ??
    cheerz steve
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2005
  10. ZHead

    ZHead New Forum User

    Just reading them Steve ...
  11. Russ

    Russ All killer no filler

    Believe it or not we actually have far better things to do than moderate, and we don't enjoy it! It really messes up with my time to work on the club site if I'm having to watch what people are posting and then have a debate on what to do about it. We all have better things to do, 2 hours wasted shifting posts around and discussing action is better spent in the pub and not on here. It's not power trip, it's a real pain in the arse baby sitting you lot sometimes :)

    Like we said, we like discussion, and opinions are fine whatever you like (I happen to like v8s), but making out someone is Hitler is a definate no no.

    The rules are standard to any organised forum, they are nothing heavy handed, we just ask for people to be polite and treat eachother as we hope they would at a normal car event, just because you're online and it's safer there's no need to be overly confrontational etc.

    Anyway read the rules everyone or I'll get my big stick out :D
  12. JEZ 280ZX

    JEZ 280ZX Links Editor

    This is one of the least moderated forums that I've been on!....Probably cos we're generally a sensible, friendly enough bunch, who are quite likely to meet each other a shows etc.!

  13. ZHead

    ZHead New Forum User

    I have to say that everyone I have met has been friendly, even those with a fearsome on screen persona are as nice as pie when you meet them just much maligned from time to time.

    Time for a group hug and get on with enjoying cars I think :D
  14. DJZ 60

    DJZ 60 Active Forum User

    Has 'Burnsie' read the rule's? Knicking post's is
    a class A section One crime,article 260Z2+2 in
    the Z club book of rules & duels. DJZ60.:rolleyes:
  15. JEZ 280ZX

    JEZ 280ZX Links Editor

    From the "Rules"....

    If there is any problem or disagreement with decisions do not make a ‘flame post’. This will not enhance your case and will be immediately removed. No public discussion will be entered into and any post intended to highlight or publicise the incident will be removed immediately. If the offender persists, this will result in suspension of their account to restore order to the forum.
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