FI options on the 350z


There are many Forced Induction kits which have been successfully applied to the 350Z (and G35 Infiniti, its sister car) in the United States. ... 45&page=11

The best place to search for detailed information on FI kits is again on the above website
Forced Induction - MY350Z.COM Forums
or alternatively ... y.php?f=44

Such a search to familiarise yourself with the kits is essential or you can post your questions here since our members have experience of FI in the UK.

In terms of UK 350Zs, the following are known to be successfully running:

APS Twin Turbo - Installers: G-Force Motorsport, WRC-Technology

Vortech Supercharger - Installer: Abbey Motorsport

HKS Supercharger - Installers: Abbey Motorsport, Middlehurst Motorsport

Stillen Supercharger - Installer: MJP (Eastern Auto) aka Mr. F

Currently, there are no known Single Turbo kits (e.g. APS or Turbonetics) installed on UK 350Zs


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lacking lots of info, and some of that info posted is inaccurate, let alone misguiding... (APS installers, for example)
Do agree on one thing though, the FI forum on my350z is where they knowledge is ;)

Also, members here with a FI Z would pretty much only be Mike (MrF) ;)


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Hows your car going Val?

Nice to see there are a fair amount of UK owners that have gone FI now so there is a bit more of an owner support network:)

And got to agree with you Val, there is alot of info missing from that list above...


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couldn't be happier with it tbh. Does't use any oil at all, has got a fair amount more oomph than std, and when i get used to it, I'll just increase the boost a little, the engine is rock soldi!


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The missing info on the list is easy to solve by adding for others to read about but hey I know eff all about thinks like this so that rules me out of doing it


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I may get time to do some research on this myself. Dont know the first thing about it, so it should be a fun experiment if nothing else. Ive gone as far as I want to go with the "show" element of the car, its not by any means a show and shine candidate, or indeed that heavily modified, but perhaps now is the time to have a go at the "go" element. I could do with another hobby, so I may have to play with that.

I reckon I may get another Z to practice on and then transplant the lot over to the yellow one once ive finished, as Im fairly sure I will blow an engine or two along the way. :lol:

Fancy a project Martin? :lol:


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Theres only 7 threads in the section............ got to "blow the dust" off as many as possible, its also a sticky, so its not like its from 100 pages back ;)