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Oct 27, 2015
Aug 30, 2008
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South Lake District
Merchant Navy

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New Forum User, from South Lake District

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Oct 27, 2015
    1. steve Kemp
      steve Kemp
      Dear Martin

      Please supply your mobile number and state the time we can meet at Eabank? I intend to arrive in the area about noon, but will visit the gardens up the road. Is there parking at Eabank or are we all leaving the cars at a central car park area.

      Look forward to meeting you next Friday.

      Regards Steve Kemp
    2. martinmac
      On the case now mate. Where roughly in Lancs are you.
    3. highway star
      highway star
      hi there just to let you know i won the auction. now comes the tricky bit. if you was successful in getting anyone to collect, then i'll need his name and the day he's collecting to pass on, then i'll give you his address. i've paid for the wheel. is the plan to bring it to donington? either way the seller is moving house on the 14th and going on holiday on the 18th. if anyone has to travel to collect i'll happily pay for the petrol. anyway if it's easier to talk directly my phone number is 07733 541260. thanks once again, steve
    4. martinmac
      I will ask on the thread.
    5. highway star
      highway star
      don't know many people in the club + running out of time as there's only a couple of days left in the auction. i'll hang on to see if your mate can help but if not then nay bother i'll just sack it. just a shame as no one else has bid on it yet. steve.
    6. highway star
      highway star
      thanks for replying martinmac. i haven't got all the info yet. it's just an alloy wheel which is on ebay but it's collection only so i can't bid on it yet until i have someone who can collect it and bring it to donington otherwise i'll get bad feedback. if you could ask your friend if he can help me then i can put a bid in and if i win i'll get back to you with the address. regards, steve
    7. Lincolnbaggie
    8. Geja
      Sent off form & paypall payment about three weeks ago, when will membership start? or have I done something wrong??????
      Geja Bristol
    9. martinmac
      Welcome aboard Nic. When you register as a full member make sure you enter your postcode in the profile, Nidge will then sort out your access when he gets a chance. Then have a look at the online magazine linked at the top right of the page. Its very good.
    10. nixy
      You are everywhere! ha ha! Never knew about this one!
    11. ray100
      Hi Martin,
      Just thought i'd let you know that i've just posted details of the next Lancashire zmeet on 17th October 2008.It would be great if you (and your TUG,lol) could make it,the more the merrier!
    12. martinmac
      It annoys the hell out of me when someone goes to the trouble of organising a meet and nobody can be bothered to turn up. I run the SE Thurrock meet at the moment, get a regulat 15 to 20 cars, the only trouble is I live in Cumbria, lazy Essex sods.

      Meets are great fun, nice people, great cars and lots of questions answered. Give a rough location and I will post up on 350z-uk and get a local to coordinate it, new members on here will follow :cheers:
    13. Gezzmarrelda
      RE;SW meet. Dude you're a legend, I'll give you the heads up when I get any sort of response from some of the members.
    14. Nidge74
      Look forward to it.

      You have also now been assigned a member number.:thumbs:
    15. Nidge74
      Hey Martin

      Sorry about that, you are in my "to do" pile, so to speak

      How's that?

      You will be assigned a membership number in the next few days.

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    South Lake District
    Merchant Navy
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    Had a 280 and a 300 and loved them to bits. A few years paying bills and now I have my 350z.

    My car and thats about all I have time for.


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