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BMW CSL in need of Resto.

Discussion in 'Anything and everything' started by Rob Gaskin, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer Staff Member Moderator

  2. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    They might sound and look nice but as a near stock car, they are lethal in the wet !
  3. Woody928

    Z Club Member
    Staff Member Moderator

    Well let it sit around and neglect it and I'm sure it won't take long ;)

    There was a fully track prepared one of these at my last rackday at Snetterton with wide arches, period livery and side pipes. Looked and sounded awesome tearing up the curcuit and shooting out flames on overrun :devil:
  4. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    E9s are very nice. Overpriced now somewhat with the whole retro thing, but nice none-the-less.

    Lethal in the wet? Okay ...
  5. 3.0CSL

    3.0CSL Forum User

    IMG_2272.JPG I know this Polaris silver 3.0CSL well. It is one of just 500 UK RHD cars, built for Britain only. And one of about 270 odd survivors that we have so far found. The CSLs June 73 list price was a staggering £7,399 a Huge sum of money back then, but most were sold @ a discount to shift them.

    These gorgeous cars were " the hooligans car of choice" back in the early - mid 70s. Their free reving 200hp, 3 Litre straight six engine, just begs to be redlined @ Every opertunity and their 4 speed Getrag box is a delight and its lim slip diff, 7 x 14 in wide Alpina alloys and powerful all round disc brakes, made the CSL a formidable "drivers" car.

    007 Bond star Sir Sean Connery ( took delivery of a new Polaris silver car, in July 73, his car survives and currently awaits full restoration ) and works driver Chris Amon ( he was given an Inca orange car by BMW Concessionairs GB to use and this car is currently undergoing an epic rebuild ) were the two highest profile CSLs owners.
    Victor Gauntlet ( Heron ) had two CSLs.

    This particular Polaris CSL @ £59,000, is a good car to restore. It has an excellent history file, is complete, inc it's tool kit and box ( these break easily and are very hard to find ) its chrome fittings are good and it still has its £££ expensive, alloy bonnet and boot lid.
    The interior is complete, inc its original superbly comfortable Scheel buckets and it's optional Petri steering wheel and a lovely CSL Only roof lining. For an E9, its interior woodwork is also very good ( apart from the dash rail, which always needs re varnishing.

    Re lethal in the wet, the CSL needs a front air dam ( the first 150 odd UK cars came with a deep ftont Alpina air dam, without this they suffer from front end lift and can aquaplane. However, much of the blame is due to its original equipment 195x70x14 Michelin XWXs tires, which weren't good in the wet. However, the TR6, Big Healey, 3 Litre Capri, etc etc, were also not known for their wet weather prowess.

    Re rot, yes, the E9 rots terribly, the Karman built bodyshells, although strongly built for their time, have numerous water traps ( at the front end mainly ) and the under seal used was of an indifferent quality. But so do Zs, TR6s, Capris, E Types, Jensens, 911s, Astons etc rot as well.
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  6. Chappers

    Z Club Member

    A friend has a "Batmobile" csl car and kit in a complete but stripped package for sale- it may be known by 3.0csl?
  7. 3.0CSL

    3.0CSL Forum User

    Any more info on it ?
  8. Chappers

    Z Club Member

    Just got in touch with him - sold very recently to a chap in the Netherlands who is collecting it in 2 weeks.
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  9. 3.0CSL

    3.0CSL Forum User

    Ok, has he any spares etc he wants to sell seperately ?
  10. 3.0CSL

    3.0CSL Forum User

    2285060 most likely a " Drive Back " car, was recently in for some tlc.
  11. Chappers

    Z Club Member

    I will check with him and let you know.

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