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3.5 Year Shell Restoration, build finally started

Discussion in 'Rebuilds and restorations' started by strugrat, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. strugrat

    Z Club Member

    After a three year shell restoration, the build for my 240z finally started last Saturday. Hopefully the pictures will do the talking. Not quite all connected yet but should be rolling pretty soon :thumbs:
    Might even drive it this summer! MIGHT!

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  2. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    Looks like a fantastic build (in the best colour) ...

    Have you done all the work yourself and have you got any pics of the car before you started the bodywork - and what exactly have you replaced?

    So nice isn't it - to get a few nice shiny bits on there. It'll be too good to actually drive though, you know that? :D
  3. chrisvega

    Z Club Member

    Yup, 110 Persimmon :rofl:
  4. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer Staff Member Moderator

    Hi Ryan, I thought it was going to be blue still? I remember you buying those blue mirrors - have you still got them, I might be interested?

    I think it would be interesting to show the car as you bought it and what you've replaced/repaired - a lot of us knew the car.

    Fantastic work. :bow:
  5. Turn & Burn

    Turn & Burn
    Z Club Member

    Looks absolutely great!
    Exciting job ahead assembling all the good bits, Meccano for grown-ups now!
    Nice work
  6. moggy240

    moggy240 INSURANCE VALUATIONS OFFICER Staff Member Moderator

    Should be an interesting car when finished going on what parts that have already been fitted
  7. strugrat

    Z Club Member

    Correct, 110 Red.

    Rob, originally I thought I might keep the shell blue but overtime my tastes changed and I wanted on original colour. The mirrors came with the car I think and I sold them sometime ago. The car was originally 905 Red but that's not for me so 110 Red it is.

    Looking forward to driving it again.

    I have attached some pictures of the car when I got it below and after acid dip. Safe to say it was in very poor condition with lots of botched repairs. I should have probably got a better car in the first place but I wanted RHD and its a UK shell, anyway got there in the end.

    In terms of what I replaced - everything nearly!

    Rear Quarter Panels (Entire OEM)
    Front Inner Wings (OEM)
    Radiator Panels (OEM)
    Sills (Inner and Outer)
    Bootfloor (OEM)
    Lots of other parts were fabricated by hand to look as close to OEM as possible (acid thinned the metal so hard to weld to).

    Its been a long road but happy to be getting there now (although still alot to do)

    I didnt do the bodywork as I could have practiced for a million years and still wouldnt have done as great as job as the professionals.

    There is a Facebook page with everything documented here from the start:


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  8. strugrat

    Z Club Member

    I've built it to drive so we'll see!
  9. franky

    franky Well-Known Forum User

    What are you doing engine wise?
  10. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    I do recall seeing it on FB sometime in the past - in original blue guise ...

    110 - eyethangewe :D
  11. TimW

    TimW 1978 UK RHD 260z


    Great job, lovely to see the passion.
  12. strugrat

    Z Club Member

    High compression, forged pistons/rods, P90 head. Already been built but not run yet. Need to get the ITBs sorted.
    Will put more focus on it when the shell is back in my garage.

    Thanks for all the kind words.
  13. franky

    franky Well-Known Forum User

    What’s the spec of the rods/pistons/cam etc?
  14. candy red

    candy red Well-Known Forum User

    Great job Ryan amazing how good it looks now compared to how it was after acid dipping well done for sticking at it it :bow: top job

    Derrick :)
  15. strugrat

    Z Club Member

    Thanks very much. Its been a huge mission but glad to finally be there now.
  16. strugrat

    Z Club Member

    Rods are Max Speeding.

    Pistons are custom JE and cam is also custom from Kent. Defined by the engine builders.
  17. Mark N

    Mark N
    Z Club Member

    It's looking fantastic! :thumbs:
    Is the 16" Rays box a clue of the wheel choice?
  18. franky

    franky Well-Known Forum User

    Nice, who built the engine? What sort of feel are you going for?
  19. strugrat

    Z Club Member

    Thanks, yes the Rays box is a pretty huge clue.

    Bronze TE37Vs with AD08r tyres.:thumbs:
  20. strugrat

    Z Club Member

    Well its not been run yet so I'm not going to make any claims but it should be adequate for a light car. Plan to get it on the bench dyno before it goes in the car, will post headline figures etc then.

    Two well known guys off the forum put the engine together for me.;)

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