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    240z convertible

    I think he's improved the looks :bow:
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    'G-nose' $30k

    Smelly and spits a lot? :eek: I'll get back in me hole :D
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    a 'Nut and Bolt' restoration. A how to guide.

    Comment of the year
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    a 'Nut and Bolt' restoration. A how to guide.

    No evidence to show anything has been done bar that of 100's of pointless messages :devil: get some pics up to prove us wrong
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    a 'Nut and Bolt' restoration. A how to guide.

    Why do I get this funny feeling your never going to see anything and he and the car disappears?
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    Brake Master Cylinder Kit

    For the price of a new master I wouldn't fart about doing that.
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    My 260Z Rebuild

    Now the light is at the end of the tunnel. ... looking good
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    My 260Z Rebuild

    No were old porkers together, difference is he can fly and I cant :D
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    My 260Z Rebuild

    Its an easy and very common mistake to make. Many also tend to forget people and fuel. If yours is a four seater you could easily add 500kg plus to the package or more if you was picking up Burnsie :D
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    My 260Z Rebuild

    Just had a quick nose at the Nissan Brochure. MAM is in fact 6000 kg unless I have the wrong vehicle. so, if you say that the transit weighed 3100, plus the kirb weight of 1807 for the lightest NP 300 and providing there is nothing else in it , plus the weight of the trailer at 780. On...
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    My 260Z Rebuild

    I didn't look it up as I didn't know what the vehicle specs were , nor did I know what was in them.... but invoked thought.... that was the idea ;)
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    My 260Z Rebuild

    I would hazard a guess the MAM (Maximum absolute Mass) is well exceeded, those who work in old money (Gross Train Weight)
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    L26 Engine

    TBH, If it was mine, I would replace the pump and core plugs. Gently lift each big end and main cap off one by one to check for wear as there is no point putting it all back together in the car and then having to take the lot out again. The same applies to the pistons, if they have covered...
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    Whos 240 in Kensington

    That's like asking me to fly a 747.... not gonna happen. And anyway, stop spoiling the thread baldy.....
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    The New Top Gear

    Just the same as that other **** car show Clinton Crisp ( :lol:) or what ever his name is. Just very stale, no passion and stiff.