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  1. westie540
    Hi Clive I thoight you left the club years ago. I have not been to a meeting for sometime maybe as much as 20 years thinking about. I still have the 280ZX that is behind your G nose in this photo....
  2. ozting
    @Steve Dodson @Steve Dodson . Hi Steve, I know this is probably the slowest reply known to man but yes I bought the car in 2007 and I am still doing some improvements. I remember seeing it in a...
  3. SeanDezart
    You also have considered an 80s RS30 wheel but you've made a very good choice, I feel that steering wheels, like the wheels themselves should be 'period' to look right and be tasteful.
  4. woody
    Hi Please send me your photos to and we`ll take it from there. Thanks Andy
  5. Tariq.Malik
    @woody Hello how are you? I am looking for help with the car I have. I am not sure how to add a picture to this message but I think the front end needs some work, perhaps even replacing but I need...

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