Nissan Rally Wheels

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What hasn't helped is seeing widely reported Z432sfor sale with non-Z432 wheels

Headline news: "Z wearing non-standard wheels shock. Questions asked in Parliament."

Thanks all for the patient (and impatient) explications.

Any impatience detected in my posts may in part be due to the fact that we've been here before so many times. I don't get what's not to get:

Many of the questions you have been asking - especially with regard to markings/stickers/certification on the M-Speed replicas - have been answered in threads that you have participated in.

Ian Patmore

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Nice one Ian although your first photo is tiny - hard to determine any detail differences.

Yeh, sorry, my picture posted on another S30 site a few years ago, and I thought it would be a good size still, I don't work in IT...

Here you go;


From top left, 15" works rally wheel replica, M-speed Z432 syle (top right), bottom right, an original Kob Seiko Z432 wheel, and bottom left, Kobe Seiko, Maglloy wheel. The Maglloy wheel is in this group, as you see it looks like the others, but has differences. You may well see picutres of car in Japan, thinking they are Rally wheels, but they could be these. My understanding, Kobe sold this wheel themselves, not made for a car manufacturer, in the late 1970's(?), and I don't think they sold well... To the not clued up, they could be mistaken as Rally wheels.

Close ups;

M-speed on the right (above), and Maglloy below.


If anybody has any Maglloys, let me know!
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