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Nearside & Offside Front Wings

Discussion in 'Parts and Other Items for Sale' started by s2k_adz, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. s2k_adz

    s2k_adz Adz

    I have both a nearside and offside front wing available. Photos will be added later today.

    Due to the size and the nightmare I can imagine it would be to wrap them Id much prefer pickup on these from South Wales, although I do travel with work and have a pickup so I might be able to get closer to wherever you are.

    The nearside wing is in really nice condition and has been stripped and undercoated, I ended up using the original one I had on my car.

    £250 ono.

    The offside wing has rust at the very bottom behind the wheel and would need one of the Ebay repair panels or equivalent to repair it (see below) but other than that its in good condition.

    £150 ono.
  2. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    They sound like a bargain for whoever’s in need of them ... hopefully no-one through accident damage
  3. s2k_adz

    s2k_adz Adz

    Its really hard to price these things! Ive got no idea what they are worth really! Should I be looking for more?!
  4. kev64

    Z Club Member

    That's the main reason i got mine new, there's so many bad drivers around it was well worth it and so far i haven't needed to use them :bow:thank god.EXTRA:)
  5. s2k_adz

    s2k_adz Adz

    Still for sale! Thought someone would have grabbed these as spares!
  6. Ian

    Z Club Member

    Considering the offside encase my fibreglass ones turn out to be no use or at least then I would have two metal wings as spare. The fibreglass wings are great quality and look like they fit great, just worried as they are very think and therefore flexible.
  7. chunk

    chunk Im not normal

    Are these still available?
  8. s2k_adz

    s2k_adz Adz

    Have interest from Ian above but I need to get photos! If Ian doesn't have them you have first refusal mate!
    chunk likes this.

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