Hello again after 12 years looking for advice please!


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Hi all.

I was last on here 12 years ago when seeking advice about a low mileage 260Z 2+2 I was going to see. I didn't buy the car in the end as I was suspicious of the freshly applied liberal coating of underseal plastered all over the underside of the car hiding God knows what!

So many years (and cars) later I thought I would reintroduce myself. I would love a 240Z 2 seater to restore ideally RHD. I realize they are a rare bird these days and I see other forum members looking for them so I guess I just have to be patient and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I did see a beautiful dark metallic blue S1 240z last night at the Griffins Head classic car pub meet in Papplewick. Not for sale but I was hoping to have a chat with the owner about his lovely car, unfortunately I didn't see him around.

Anyway - enough of me wittering on!

Happy Zedding


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Welcome back!

I think there's been a few RHD projects for sale recently, but they don't hang around long. Definitely need to be prepared to go for it!


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RHD projects do come up. They tend to be priced in the £7-20k range depending on condition

However be prepared for the usual banter from the leftie lovers who will tell you that for that sort of money you can get a mint rust free LHD car and/or
1) stick with LHD despite it not being your preference or
2) buy the bits to do the RHD conversion. Well the necessary parts are in short supply and specialist garages want £10k plus in labour for the conversion once you have supplied them the parts !!

Good luck and welcome back