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Fuel pipe routing options for ITBs

Discussion in 'Tuning & upgrades' started by Turn & Burn, Dec 27, 2019.

  1. Turn & Burn

    Turn & Burn
    Z Club Member

    I’ll soon be running the fuel lines to feed the ITBs on the new motor. I’m thinking of running the hard fuel lines (feed and return both 3/8”) from the tunnel and then up along the bulkhead over the bellhousing, similar to the brake line route. Running a flexy from the fuel supply line to the rail with a return underneath the ITBs back to the bulkhead.
    I’ve put an HP pump and baffles in the tank so shouldn’t need a swirl pot.
    Has anyone taken a similar approach with line routing are there any drawbacks with this? Any pics you can share?
  2. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    I run the flow and return across as you say. I'm not using the return from the fuel rail as I have a filter/regulator with return just behind the starter.

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  3. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Moderator

    I've got supply and return at my Swirl pot on the drivers side along with the hp pump.
    HP pump feeds the bypass FPR by the fuel rail. Bypass from the FPR returns to the Swirl pot.
    No idea if this is how it'll stay though.
    Where's your regulator Andrew?

  4. Turn & Burn

    Turn & Burn
    Z Club Member

    Does this not mean you’re a bit more susceptible to pressure drop when u open the throttle fast, I thought the idea was to maintain flow through the system rather than dead end it?
  5. Turn & Burn

    Turn & Burn
    Z Club Member

    Thanks Jon, I was thinking I’d seen an FPR compact enough to mount off the end of the rail, but now I think I imagined that. Failing this I’ll have to put it on the bulkhead

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