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Attention all Kent (and area) Zedders

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by john-boy, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. john-boy

    john-boy Well-Known Forum User

    Evening all,

    OK - over the last couple of weeks, I've been conversing with Steve Lack about a re-launch for the Kent ZG. For various (completely understandable) reasons, action has been a little quiet of late :).

    Anyways, we've had some initial ideas, and I'd like to put them forward for feedback, so if you'd be so kind, I'd like to garner some comments on the following:

    1. "Days Out" - We'd like to organise some trips out, with the fundamental objectives being a run-out for our beloved motors, somewhere to have a good chin-wag and catch-up, something interesting to visit, and where possible, somewhere nice to park-up the cars and take some nice piccies. In essence, for a day-out, we'd like to avoid the traditional pub car park and look for something a bit different. It would be nice if we could get something like this organised bi-monthly.

    2. "Regular Meet" - Realistically, we won't be able to get a day-out going everytime, so would like to have a fall-back of a regular pub meet, so for months when there isn't a day-out sorted, we could have a meeting nonetheless for the keen and/or lonely! ;)

    3. "Newsletter" - It would be nice to have a regular comminqué going out to any subscribers to the group to act as a reminder, share some general news, and let people know that the group is active. I'm going to start working on a launch one as soon as I have some feedback, and between Steve and I, we'll get it out to anyone who shows an interest, as well as existing Kent ZG members.

    4. Maximum involvement - Any events that are going on will be cross-posted on and, anywhere we arrive, the greater the number, the greater the impact, so since we have the 3 forums all active now, it'd be nice to include everyone who fancies a given event - this should also drive subscribers to the Z-club, if these events are successful.

    So, with this in mind, here's some of the things we've thought about, together with a potential timetable:

    Possible Events:
    - Clay Pigeon Shoot
    - Buckmore Park Karting Event
    - Vineyard Visit
    - The Passion of Z Driving Day (more on this later)
    - Christmas Dinner! :D

    This is what we propose initially:

    July - Nothing - Billing, of course!
    August - Drive out to Beachy Head (great photo opportunities) :cool:
    September - Innaugural Pub Meet - Henry's Table, Maidstone
    October - TBA
    November - Pub Meet
    December - Christmas Dinner and good cheer to all Zedders!

    So, what do you think?

    Please feel free to indicate interest (or not), suggest ideas for events or comment in general. Drop me a PM if you'd like to go on the mailing list and let me know if you'd like this via e-mail, or via hard-copy.

    I won't approach the other 2 forums, 'til I've had some feedback from club members.

  2. Mr.F

    Mr.F Inactive

    July 18th - HSCC '70s Roadsports: 240Zs racing at Brands Hatch in...........................Kent!

    Check the week before as the organisers have made some last minute changes to some venues this year, e.g. Snetterton was moved from Saturday to Sunday this last weekend.
  3. john-boy

    john-boy Well-Known Forum User

    Ooops! Where's that "red-face" smiley, when you need it?

    No good for me, unfortunately, since I'm stag weekending .. otherwise would have been there :(.

  4. suzy

    suzy Well-Known Forum User

    Another stag night!!!!

    Put me on your email list, us lot from the south west might venture your way occasional, Nick Masters-bond (south central) might want to be keeped up todate as his group sort of abuts onto you.

  5. john-boy

    john-boy Well-Known Forum User

    I know - it's bad, isn't it!! That's the 4th one this year ... still, I don't think I know of anyone getting married next year (except me, perhaps ;)).

    Consider yourself added, Suzy - and I'll add Nick too. If he doesn't want it, he can always unsubscribe! :D
  6. john-boy

    john-boy Well-Known Forum User

    Anybody else feel like they could add anything .. Please? :(
  7. Zbirdy

    Zbirdy Well-Known Forum User

    Hello John-boy,
    im new to the z club.
    Ive a 240 being fully restored by Fourways which should be ready next spring, its looking pretty good though at the moment.
    I live in Larkfield, and run a small country park cafe in Aylesford.
    What do you think about a possible meet in the country park, i could put on free grub to z heads if you like, now theres an offer you dont get every day. If not how about the Malta, the car parks pretty large?
    Don Wyatt. (zbirdy).
  8. john-boy

    john-boy Well-Known Forum User

    Hi Don,

    Welcome aboard! :)

    I bet you can't wait to get your baby back from Fourways, but that sounds like a fair old wait :( Although I'm sure it'll be worthwhile. Hey, It'd be great to see the restoration story appear in the magazine, one day ;).

    Anyways, that's a great offer to host a meet where your business is - very kind indeed. We'll definitely have to get that one down as a future meet! :D

    As for the regular pub meet, I agree the Malta is a good venue, but I'd worry about the availability of car park spaces - if you get a nice Sunday, it's usually rammed down there, although the setting is lovely. We were thinking about having Henry's Table at Notcutts as the regular "fall back" meet - there's usually plenty of parking there, and quite often other Jap Car meets going on too.

    I'm only over in Bearsted, so if you wanna meet up for a chat sometime let me know.

    In the meantime, if you'd like to get our Kent ZG Newsletter by post, then please PM me your address details, or if you'd rather get it by e-mail, then just let me know.

    Thanks for the reply - look forward to meeting you! :)

  9. Zbirdy

    Zbirdy Well-Known Forum User

    Hi again John,
    Yeh I Would appreciate the Kent Mag, heres my address.
    Don Wyatt
    10 Laburnum Drive, Larkfield, Aylesford Kent. ME20 6LU.
    I had no idea there were Z loonies in my area, Ive been dreaming bout owning one for too many years, and so decided to take the plunge, and order a wreck for California. Should be ready after Xmas, so hope to be with you guys then. Or before if you dont mind me turning up in the family Rover, with a a4 folder of pics of my project. I own and run the cafe in cobtree country park, im not in there much but if your passing pop in and make yourself known.
    In dry weather it can be pretty busy, though a bit dusty. Theres not much to entertain folks at the park, but if were all getting together locally in future (Dont mind if its regular) we could pop in, and I could organise the grub for the lads, (and lasses I hope).

    See what you mean about the malta though, can be a bit overloaded there!

    Once the 240 is complete I will get a feature together for the mag I hope they will be interested.
    E-mail John anytime you have any info/meet dates/ideas. On

  10. john-boy

    john-boy Well-Known Forum User

    Cheers Don,

    I'll put you down for the Kent missive, but to be honest, it's not going to be able to be classed as a "mag", but more of a newsletter (once we've written it!) .. after all, we wouldn't want to try and compete with the main Z Club magazine!! :D

    I'll try and pop in sometime, that sounds like a good place for a meet too - is Cobtree Country Park where the "Museum of Kent Life" is?

  11. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Well-Known Forum User

    Very stirring stuff, all this ! Bravo John-Boy !
    If I was nearer Calais I would be very tempted to come across for day trips !
    Keep it up !
  12. john-boy

    john-boy Well-Known Forum User

    Merci Beaucoup, Sean. It's nice to know there's more than 4 people reading this stuff! :D

    Yep, I too am disappointed you can't pop over from the Pas de Calais, especially if you could have found room in your Z for a few pots of Rillettes d'anciennes (sp?) and a couple of tins of Confit de Canard - mmmmm, I don't half envy your access to the French Supermarkets. :D

    Unfortunately, I don't think I'd take the 350 if I went on a day-trip anyhow - the boot is verging on the pathetic :(. Thankfully, our Cherokee offers up a whole world of unnecessary purchasing. LOL :)

  13. Tony 260Z

    Tony 260Z
    Z Club Member

    I'm only a few miles the other side of the Dartford bridge, so am always interested if there's a meeting within easy striking distance :)

  14. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Well-Known Forum User

    and if I told you I've been working in the Dordogne since February - home of truffles, canards etc, etc ?
    Good luck with the group !
  15. john-boy

    john-boy Well-Known Forum User

    Cool - thanks Tony, can you PM your address for the newsletter? Or would you rather get it via e-mail.

    Steve and I took some nice piccies at Biggin Hill on Saturday, ready for the first edition .. looking forward to seeing them :).

    And, Sean - you're right I would be jealous, but temporarily OK 'cos I saw my folks at the w/e and they're doing a day-trip this week - having naively offered "Can we get you anything?" ;).

  16. Tony 260Z

    Tony 260Z
    Z Club Member


    E-mail is fine - I check my messages several times a day, and it'll save you the cost of a stamp :)

    My addy is ''


  17. Zbirdy

    Zbirdy Well-Known Forum User

    Hi John,

    Thanks, I look forward to the "Newsletter" , do call in if your passing, its not on the Museum site, were in the park just down the road, opposite Travis Perkins. The park has a bit of a reputation, (Gladly diminishing) So do up those laces well, and if they come loose dont bother bending over!
    Im joking its not that bad really. Call me if you in town.
    Don, Cafe number is 01622 792673, im never far away.
  18. Zbirdy

    Zbirdy Well-Known Forum User

    Hi John Boy, Whats the latest on the kent scene, have you managed to arrange much, I know its sometimes a drag, I tried the same with my local humber club some time back. My car should be ready from Fourways any day now, perhaps i can pop round to see you for a chat, show off the wheels eh, as your dead close to me.
    PS, ive moved from Larkfield to Mereworth. Give us a call if you like. 01622 816855.
    Any news on the newsletter idea?
  19. john-boy

    john-boy Well-Known Forum User

    Hi Don,

    Sorry mate - only just seen this, I've just got back in from Hong Kong, and I deliberately didn't look at the internet while I was there!!

    As for the latest - well, Steve and I are planning to push ahead with some meets as soon as the weather shows some signs of improving, so we can try and get some momentum rolling for the group.

    I'd love to see your wheels when they're finished, so perhaps we can meet up, either pop round for a cupper, or perhaps we can meet up for a pint or an OJ or whatever!

    Drop me a PM or give me a call on 07801 664938 when you know when the car will be done and we'll sort out a meet up!!

    Cheers mate,
  20. Zbirdy

    Zbirdy Well-Known Forum User

    Hi JB, no worries mate, I only just posted the message, Ive been away from the PC for a while, sadly not as far as you though.

    Anyhow, I will make contact again in a while, once im over the euphoria of getting the Z home, and we will certainly have a natter. If theres any ting I can do to help out with any organisation for meets/venues/admin or such like, let me know, its often a good way of getting to know others, and im a glutton for punishment too.

    Regards. Don. (Zbirdy)

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