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Anyone know this Z?

Discussion in 'General' started by LiamR, Mar 27, 2021.

  1. LiamR

    Z Club Member

    So chatting with the father about Z's and he told me that when my grandad used to own a garage way back in the day, they restored and worked on a bright red 240z called 'David the Datsun'. Now I'm not sure if they nicknamed it that but that's what he remembers it as. He said he will always remember the reg number... it's PGO 131L. He said 'I'm not sure what happened to it or who has it now, but your grandad said he saw it years ago somewhere in the West Midlands.'

    I've done the usual .Gov search and it says it was last sold in 2013 and is currently SORN.

    Does anyone know who's it is? Just for his knowledge and reminiscing that it's still out there and going strong.

    Cheers guys!
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