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Any Z31 Turbo Manual for sale?

Discussion in 'Z31 (300ZX)' started by savvas spanias, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. savvas spanias

    savvas spanias
    Z Club Member

    Good morning, do we have any updates? How about the friend with the Turbo z31 manual? Any pictures, price, condition etc....?
  2. savvas spanias

    savvas spanias
    Z Club Member

    Still searching.....

    Z Club Member

    F8BA7341-BFEA-4406-991C-7F2B7739FA05.jpeg 80BF718C-A746-47FC-8A4C-47965A4EC0B3.jpeg 4D58D85C-E98D-4F0D-B37E-AC1F04A926EB.jpeg EB930CB9-5A31-401E-96C9-DEA3ACE68C5E.jpeg 358386B9-5F15-430A-8CFA-56604119CF6D.jpeg

    I have a genuine 29k miles original turbo in A1 factory condition. She is a garage queen I have her for years unused just services insured and mot every year. Probably the best in Europe. Spent £10k at Fourways Engineering just to spruce her up a couple years ago. New brakes all round service cam belt brand new coil overs brake lines u name it. Their brief was the car should last another 30 years.

    The car is known to Fourways Engineering and they can vouch for it I’m sure.

    instagram for the car is RDZ31_300zx
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  4. savvas spanias

    savvas spanias
    Z Club Member

    Dear Raj,
    Your car is the best i have seen, no doubt about that. I have asked you a couple of years ago, if you were interested in selling it but you did not reply. I was also interested about the second set of wheels you have but it was kind of pricey for me....(since i need to pay for the shipping to Cyprus as well) Anyway, i have already bought two 300zx from UK (a N/A 86 and a Turbo 88) but none is as clean as yours.
    What is the asking price?
  5. Huw

    Z Club Member

    Lovely looking car. I do like the Z31, very under rated car which is a pity.
  6. savvas spanias

    savvas spanias
    Z Club Member

  7. SeanQuinn3

    SeanQuinn3 New Forum User

    Raj was after around the £20,000 mark if I remember correctly.

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