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a 'Nut and Bolt' restoration. A how to guide.

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by franky, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. Pete

    Pete Forum User

    Hi Don we need pics. I did a very quick sweep of previous posts and copied some quotes, hope these spur you on ( most of them are from a few posters who I am sure would only be too happy to stand by their posts).

    I have no idea what the deal with his bodyman/welder will be, but in any normal situation this particular car would be way past any economic repair.

    hThat statement alone proves that you are inhabiting your own reality with regard to this project,

    Not Sean is......

    If even this is too difficult for you, you might want to give up now.

    Nice to see that not only can he write screeds about the proper facts surrounding Z's but that he can resort to a bit of 'handbags' when he feels the need.

    You do not know me...

    If this is serious then I don't think I've seen anyone thats more in denial than an Egyptian life guard.

    As I've suggested before on this thread, what you say you're doing/going to do and what your photos show you have done don't match up.

    It is what it is. The problem here is that the owner doesn't actually seem to acknowledge what it is and what it requires, despite the best efforts of most

    How can someone be so blindly ignorant having not even seen the car, even though has been openly offered the invitation of doing so.....

    I take it not on board because I know the result will prove you wrong.

    Maybe this will end up being one of those unfinished project thingies advertised, sale due to lack of time to complete.

    It appears to have been prepped with a chainsaw rather than a D.A.

    why? that just stinks of a half arsed job.

    You would happen to be incorrect.
  2. DonMuscles

    DonMuscles Well-Known Forum User


    Nice quotes....

    But hehehe!!!
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  3. DonMuscles

    DonMuscles Well-Known Forum User

  4. DonMuscles

    DonMuscles Well-Known Forum User

  5. DonMuscles

    DonMuscles Well-Known Forum User

    And please guys!!

    Does anyone have a spare 2+2 front windscreen rubber!!!!

    I bought one and went to fit it yesterday and they sent me the wrong one!!!

    The car should be ready to take away on Monday, but I have no windscreen fitted!!!
  6. DonMuscles

    DonMuscles Well-Known Forum User

    The only option I have really unless someone has one is to order from America!

    But that will take a few weeks!
  7. Jimbo

    Jimbo 1978 260z in yellow

    that looking awesome bud
    i like the black on bronze
  8. yellowz

    Z Club Member

    Looks good!

    How did you do the window surrounds? Paint or powder coat?

    I'm looking to do mine and I'm trying to think of something that won't scratch too easily.
  9. DonMuscles

    DonMuscles Well-Known Forum User


    But if you use the correct amount of hardner, it ahould not scratch easily.
  10. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer in training Staff Member Committee Member

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  11. Turn & Burn

    Turn & Burn
    Z Club Member

    Looking great Don, well done for sticking with a proper tough resto. Something to be proud of now!
  12. DonMuscles

    DonMuscles Well-Known Forum User

    Rob, I would love to.

    However I do not see myself finishing the car that soon.

    I am expecting to get it on the road and hopefully take it to Silverstone classic in July.
  13. jumbobeck

    jumbobeck New Forum User

    Hi Don,
    I may be able to help with a new windscreen rubber from the ‘States. Check your inbox
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
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  14. DonMuscles

    DonMuscles Well-Known Forum User

  15. DonMuscles

    DonMuscles Well-Known Forum User

  16. DonMuscles

    DonMuscles Well-Known Forum User

  17. candy red

    candy red
    Z Club Member

    WELL done Don you had a lot of criticism on how you Don this project :) but you Don it in your own way and got there despite what others thought, glad you came back to show us pics of it all sprayed up .nice choice of colour keep the pics coming till its finished ,no matter what any one says you brought it at the right price and if you do decided to sell I'm sure you make a nice return regardless of you methods of reaching the end result ,:bow:

    Regards Derrick ;)
  18. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    Even the generic arches fit very well.
  19. DonMuscles

    DonMuscles Well-Known Forum User

    The arches were measured before the wide arches were purchased.

  20. DonMuscles

    DonMuscles Well-Known Forum User

    Depends what everyone thinks it will be worth.... ???

    I have spent a pretty penny on this....

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