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350 Hands Free

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by zedboy, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. zedboy

    Z Club Member

    :eek:Could somebody please help me!!! I don't know how to programme numbers into my 350 hands free. Every time I press the phone icon on the steering wheel it rings bloody tinkerbell (the talking clock!):confused:
  2. martinmac

    martinmac Inactive

  3. Mr.F

    Mr.F Inactive

    Voice command mode is activated by the LH middle switch on the steering wheel (the little face with sound waves coming out of it). On first use you will need to enable it with a PIN number, e.g. for your specific mobile phone or for the Bluetooth adapter. Say "Enter PIN" and when the system replies speak the four numbers of the PIN.

    Other voice instructions available are then:

    "Delete" "Delete all" "Repeat" to correct and check your PIN entry.
    "Dial" and "Redial"
    "Store name" and then follow the system voice prompts. Repeat "Store" when correct number successfully accepted. You can also use "Delete", "Delete all", "Delete first" and "Delete last" to make corrections.
    "Repeat" to verify the number entry.

    "Dial name" lets you recall a stored number by speaking the stored name.
    "Dial number" allows you voice input the number to be dialled. After speaking the number and hearing confirmation, say "Dial"

    "Play names" or "Play phone book" or "List phone book" or "Read phone book" will get the system to tell you who is stored.

    Remove names via "Delete name" and following the system voice prompts.

    Ther's more, but this should get you going - easiest way is with the Bluetooth adapter and a compatible Bluetooth phone. I'm suspecting that the clock was the last dialled number in the car (perhaps as a demonstration exercise by a dealer) and you are activating re-dial by pressing the phone symbol button for more than two seconds...?
  4. Mr.F

    Mr.F Inactive

    BTW, expect to hear the nice system lady say "Pardon" a lot to start with...:p
  5. zedboy

    Z Club Member

    She says pardon quite a lot!!! It's a good job she can't hear what I'm saying back!


    BTW: The Bluetooth adapter that I bought from you is spot on.

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