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    What excites you about electric cars?

    0-60 MPH in 1.69 sec good enough?? :driving: Electric car goes Vroom Vroom!!!!
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    What excites you about electric cars?

    Good point! now that I think about it what's the % of contribution of CO2 from Airplanes? Maybe planes should be in the list for the first ones running clean
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    Unsecured WiFi

    Yes, but don't wait until management does something.... get a VPN, you'll be way better off this way.
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    What excites you about electric cars?

    Fuel efficiency, tax incentives and when the majority of the population is using an electric car, being able to breathe fresh air in big cities........... well.... at least not contaminated by burning fossil fuel... other contaminants well... one step at a time
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    love it or list it

    I would say sell it!
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    New Owner - Hi all

    Welcome to the community!
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    Tech articles

    Hey Gio! Thanks for the post. This was exactly what my friend was looking for.
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    Whats your ASL?

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    New 240z owner

    Wow! I really love that paint color