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    fuel gauge sender problem

    My fuel gauge didn't work at all, so I removed the cylinder-type tank sender unit and cleaned it with WD40. Re-installed it and it has been working okay for the past year :)
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    Clunky 31. Prop, diff or both?!

    As do I, I had just put it down to general wear and tear of the drivetrain components....
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    Z31 owners list

    Yes, Mot'd, taxed and on the road, it's the end of a project car that I bought a couple of years ago. It had been lying neglected in someone's garage for about six or eight years, I bought it, sorted various bits and pieces and put it through an Mot (which it passed second time around). Took...
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    Z31 owners list

    Here you go, my Z31 Turbo Manual......of questionable age and identity :D [/URL][/IMG]
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    Z31 Rear wheel bearings

    Thanks mrM, I'd thought that it would probably be the lesser of two evils to take the complete arms off.....oh well - wish me luck :unsure:
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    Z31 Rear wheel bearings

    My Z31 failed it's MOT today (the first MOT done since 2004), surprisingly to me, it only failed on both sides rear wheel bearings worn/noisy and having an overall service brake efficiency of 46%. The brakes should be easy enough to sort but the rear wheel bearings appear to be a bit of a...
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    Different sized nuts!

    No, not a medical condition but rather the fact that the front wheel nuts on my '87? Z31 turbo are 13/16" and the rears are 7/8". The nuts are of the sleeve type with a thick removable washer (as per photo). What size should they be? Thanks - Andy
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    Accessories and fads from the past

    Air horns that played La Cucaracha, had them on my Hillman Avenger in the late 70s. :coolgleam:
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    What is this pump?

    Thanks for that information Mike, I'll have a good look and see if I can find the leak - probably a pipe somewhere that I've dislodged.
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    Happy Days............

    Very, very nice. I wish that my one looked as good as that..........I'm jealous now :blush:
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    What is this pump?

    Hey all, Under the driver's front wing of my '87 Z31 Turbo is a pump/motor of some description, all of sudden this has started chuntering away noisily. What the blazes is it for? Hope someone can enlighten me - please :confused: Thanks - Andy
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    Wanted - Z31 Turbo handbrake cables

    Hi there, I'm after a set (if possible) of handbrake cables for my '86/87 Z31 turbo. My existing cables are well stretched and even with refurbished calipers and new rear brake pads - the handbrake will not hold on a hill. I know that I can buy new Blueprint cable but they're a bit...
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    Z31 Targa/door aperture seals wanted

    Hi, I'm on the lookout for a pair of targa/door aperture seals in good condition. Mines are rotted and are letting in a considerable amount of water. Thanks - Andy
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    Targa Seals Leaking - Surprise!

    Yes, I know that they usually leak and distribute water throughout the car ( I've just finished removing all the seats and carpets today), but what options are available to me, in order to have a reasonably waterproof car in the near future? I'm sure that the new, genuine or even aftermarket...
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    Just bought a Z31, so Hi everyone

    Vectra! It's a Z32 TT Auto, honestly - some