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Z31 Rear wheel bearings

Discussion in 'Z31 (300ZX)' started by CrashCourse, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. CrashCourse

    CrashCourse Active Forum User

    My Z31 failed it's MOT today (the first MOT done since 2004), surprisingly to me, it only failed on both sides rear wheel bearings worn/noisy and having an overall service brake efficiency of 46%.

    The brakes should be easy enough to sort but the rear wheel bearings appear to be a bit of a problem to replace. Can anyone suggest the best course of action, do the bearings in place or remove the rear suspension arms and do it that way?

    Thanks in advance - Andy
  2. mrM

    Z Club Member

    hi,ive done the bearings on two of these cars in the past,i didnt bother trying to do them on the car,i used a strong workbench with a big vice as a fair bit of pressure is needed pressing the new ones in,also i used a truck torque wrench to do up the big nut holding the hub in the bearing while it is in the vice which from memory is around 260 lb ft
  3. CrashCourse

    CrashCourse Active Forum User

    Thanks mrM, I'd thought that it would probably be the lesser of two evils to take the complete arms off.....oh well - wish me luck :unsure:

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