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Engine now in - Datsun Spririt SCR Stage III 3.0 3 L28 Engine

Discussion in 'Rebuilds and restorations' started by zedhed, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. SeanDezart

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  2. SKiddell

    SKiddell Having a bad day

    Advance or retard is equally problematic.

    13:1 is agressive given the fairly modest lift and duration but if I remember the E31 head had a more pronounced kidney shaped chamber which should help manage the quench better than an overly skimmed E88 or 42 which at 13:1 would go into det on an agressive build (been there :( )

    No worries, yes the L series is classed as an "interferance engine" IE the valves and pistons occupy and share the same space
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  3. bluejon

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    I think you are right ... I found this
  4. jonbills

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    Blimey, didn't realise it makes that much difference - my E88 was pinking like a good 'un at just over 11:1. I should probably get on with my P90a head then if we can get up towards 13:1
  5. Paul Henley

    Paul Henley
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    Hi Nick, just been going through your thread (although I skipped a lot of the technical jargon which was already leaping over the top of my head), just interested to hear if you have an update? How's the car/engine now?
  6. franky

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    Hi, Just wondering how you got on with this?
  7. zedhed

    zedhed New Forum User

    Hi there, sorry for the delay been so busy!

    Happy to say after extensive checking it turns out there's no damage to the valves or engine - a narrow escape thanks to the valve pockets in the pistons I think. The engine now runs as it more or less should but probably needs a little more tuning up.

    With regards to the missing parts I did get the Jag carbs back but not the rest. Damage to the paintwork and dents to the wing tops were sorted locally. No point in chasing a company thats gone pop anyway.

    I've learnt my lesson - check the credentials of any company working on the car carefully and talk to more of their past customers before parting with car or money, not just one or two.

    As for the engine builder Eiji at Datsun Spirit - he's been great and helped me reverse the changes - and I learnt a lot in the process.

    The engine is quite the beast - I haven’t had it on the rolling road for a proper power test but I think I need to upgrade the drivetrain lest something breaks.
  8. franky

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    Good to hear it's back and running. Hope it hasn't dented your enthusiasm too much.

    Sorry to hear about the zfarm stuff. You know they're trading under a new name?

    What was the story with the engine, what was changed thAt caused issues?
  9. zedhed

    zedhed New Forum User

    Franky you can read the long thread if you like. It's epic :)

    What's the new trading name then?
  10. franky

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