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Z31 wheel choices

Discussion in 'Z31 (300ZX) Wheels and Tyres' started by zpuppy, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. zpuppy

    zpuppy Well-Known Forum User

    Ok, as most of you who have seen our car know it does sit on an original set of 16" Nissan skyline 5 spokes. 16x6.5 jj 40 with the wheel spec 5 x 114.3 to be exact. Trouble is they are way to tucked in under the car,,it looks like an old porsche speedster ! :eek: The 40 designation on the rim I assume is the offset ie +40 and as such it would be known as a front wheel drive sort of rim. What I am thinking of is going to a 17 or 18" rim on a much lower profile tyre thereby keeping outer diameter roughly the same while getting the rubber out to fill the wells. Question is,, if i go for a zero offset is this actually gonna push the wheel 40mm out and if so has anyone experienced problems with this on a Z31?? I'm trying to avoid spacers as I hate em :D But dont want to spend a fortune and not have them work ! :D
    By the way,,the skyline wheels and rubber are for sale on the club site, (not approved yet, just posted today) and also on EGay :bow: :driving:
  2. zpuppy

    zpuppy Well-Known Forum User

    That was waay quick ! Thanks Mods ! :thumbs::bow: ( add is now up ) :D
  3. Stevey

    Stevey Active Forum User


    Picture of mine , Running 17" 8j 225 all round , Et is 40 (i think) but ive got 25mm spacers on the rear and looking at it there still not enough , Might run 35 on the rear and the 25 on the front to get it flush
  4. youngr300zx

    youngr300zx Well-Known Forum User

    z31 :: phone337.jpg picture by z31300zx - Photobucket

    The rears in particular can take a very aggresive offset, this is mine with 9" rears with an offset of 10. Fronts are 8" and offset of 30 - could do with spacers on front.

    I found this guide invaluable when trying to work out what would fit and what would look OK.
  5. youngr300zx

    youngr300zx Well-Known Forum User

    better pic here <a href="http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af324/z31300zx/z31/phone340.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1020.photobucket.com/albums/af324/z31300zx/z31/th_phone340.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket" ></a>
  6. youngr300zx

    youngr300zx Well-Known Forum User

  7. zpuppy

    zpuppy Well-Known Forum User

    Cheers fellas, it is starting to look like I may be able to get away with a zero or near to it, may try to borrow a set and try em to check for interference :driving:
  8. Joe NI

    Joe NI Well-Known Forum User

    hi, i spent a bit of time researching wheel sizes for my pre-facelift 86 turbo. I now have a set of 19 inch rims on the car. Fronts are 19x8.5x +20mm offset ,rears are 19x9.5x+20mm offset. No wheel spacers required on either axle, no rubbing and rims fill the arches perfectly.The car is on standard springs. Wheels are probably 350z and certain skyline fitments. Will try and post a few pics when i get a chance.
  9. zpuppy

    zpuppy Well-Known Forum User

    Finally got the wheels in ! Ultralight taka 18" 8.5 on the front 9.5 on the rear, 30 offset with small spacer on the front wich I'm having machined by a good mate. will post pics when all is done :D The 9.5 wheel is wide,,,dear god is it wide :eek::D

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