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Z31 R200 longnose differential high ratio r&p gear sets

Discussion in 'Drivetrain' started by VegasZ31T, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. VegasZ31T

    VegasZ31T New Forum User

    Does anybody know of any ring & pinion gear sets available in a 5.13:1 or higher ratio available for the R200 longnose differential? Perhaps out of a truck, bus, van, etc?
    I am aware of the Kameari's in Japan but have set them aside as a bit too dear.
    None of the Nissan trucks, small buses, or SUV's in the USA have the high ratio longnose r/p gears I am looking for.
    I was hopeful that your area of the world had other models available.
    Or, that you might know what Marks other than Subaru use the Hitachi R200 longnose.
    I am currently running 275/35-15 Hoosier A6's (all around) with a 4.11:1 CLSD on my Z31 and want to go to 335/35-17's for the rears. Hense the desire for a higher ratio to compensate for the taller tires.
    Also, would somebody be so kind as to provide the website or email address of the largest used parts organization in your area? The absolute best one in the USA is http://www.car-parts.com; almost all of the recyclers nationwide put their inventory on it.



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