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Interesting Z restoration series (Japanese)

Discussion in 'General' started by tyroguru, Apr 6, 2021.

  1. tyroguru

    Z Club Member

    I fell across a YouTube channel done by some guys in Japan (51Machines) who are restoring a 240Z and thought I'd flag it as it has been extremely interesting for me. They might be restoring a 240ZG as it says that in English on the title of the first episode but I haven't seen it referenced again after that.

    It's all in Japanese (obviously!) but I have really enjoyed all 9 episodes so far. They give loads of great shots of everything they're doing and for someone like me who is currently dissecting their car it has been extremely instructive to see how everything fits together and also how a body shop goes about doing these things (although I can't comment at all on how good or not they are at their jobs :) ).

    Two things to take away for me:

    1) I really, really wish I had a spot welder!
    2) Probably more than (1), I wish I spoke Japanese.
  2. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    Spot welders can be hired quite easily. I did the sills on my MGB about 30 years ago with one - they're great things. If you get everything ready and prepared as much as possible, you could hire one for a weekend and do a helluva lot in that time.

    I'll put this channel in my YT and have a look when I get a minute.
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  3. Mr Tenno

    Mr Tenno
    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Moderator

    Really interesting watching the later parts where they open up rusted sections and fabricate repair panels - I imagine this is what a weekend at @candy red 's place looks like. Surprised at how much they removed without adding any bracing!
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  4. tyroguru

    Z Club Member

    Yeah, the lack of bracing was a big surprise to me! They seem to know what they're doing but they're spinning it around on that Rotisserie with no floors and only inner sills (at least on one side) IIRC.

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