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Hall of Fame Revised Criteria for 2011

Discussion in 'Rally & race' started by Mr.F, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Mr.F

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    Autumn 2005 the club introduced in its quarterly magazine The Hall of Fame- a table of The Z Club’s fastest cars which have run the standing quarter mile.

    The original information was collated from the vast club magazine archive going back to year dot, together with data from the 2005 Drag Challenge. This produced list of 46 cars.

    5 years have passed, so we thought it about time we revised and updated the rules and posted on the web site.

    What do I have to do to get a place in the Hall of Fame?
    You have to be a paid up member of The Z Club. You need to post a quarter mile time 14.9999 or less in any Z-series cars. The car must be owned and driven by you. Only your personal best in class will be eligible. The historic data we used assumed membership and ownership. If the car no longer exists or the member is no more, the time stands in history and will remain in the records. The run must have been part of a Z Club event, an official event or official race meeting, or observed and accredited by a member of the Z Club committee.

    How long will the list get?
    The list will be capped at 100 entries; once that target is reached the slower times will drop off the end. In time, as the entries fill, you may for example need to run 14.5555 or less for your details to be recorded.

    I’ve run faster than that!
    Prove it. We’ll be asking for timing slips that can be cross referenced to the car on the day i.e. number plate or race number with photographs and / or video of complete run.
    The time must also be consistent with previous attempts – this is to defend against “footed” starts, false starts and timing gear error. We will need to see the actual car at some point for it to be scrutinised by a member of the Z Club committee.

    What about hybrids?
    No problem, you can see that hybrid's have been parts of the club for years.[/FONT][FONT=&quot]The general stipulation is that the car must carry a Z-series chassis number. There may be exceptions to this rule; these cars will be scrutinised on an individual basis. You can use any configuration you like.

    How do the records reflect engine upgrades and configuration changes?
    Generally we record your personal best within the class structure for The Drag Challenge but with some exceptions as below. So if you are running a normally aspirated Z, improved times will always negate previous times unless you change the actual car or the cars aspiration or use slick tyres and or nitrous or change the engine type completely.
    Example 1 – You are in class 1 S30 normally aspirated and decide to use slicks. This changes the car to class 7 so both times will be recorded.
    Example 2 – You are in class 2 S130/Z31 normally aspirated and decide to add a turbo. This changes the car to class 3 so both times will be recorded.
    Example 3 – You are in class 5 Z32 forced induction and decide to add nitrous. This changes the car to class 7 so both times will be recorded.
    Example 4 - You are in class 1 S30 normally aspirated and replace your 2.4 L6 with 2” SU’s with a 3.1 L6 on fuel injection. This is the same class and the slower time will be negated.
    Example 5 – You sell your old knackered Z32 normally aspirated class 4 car and replace it with another Z32 NA. Despite being the same class, as it is a different car both times will be recorded. We will be updating the records to show registration numbers.
    Example 6 – You are in class 6 Z33/Z34 and you add a turbo. Whilst this is not a class change at present, it will be deemed as a class change and both times will be recorded. Class 6 may be split in the future to reflect normally aspirated & forced induction when car numbers justify it.
    Example 7 – You are in class 7 and change the engine from a Nissan RB to a Chevrolet V8. Whilst there is no class change, as the engine transplant is significant both times will be recorded.

    How are you ranking it?
    Elapsed time is the priority. We can gather times at Santa Pod to 4 decimal places, archived records and some other tracks such as North Weald do not always show this, therefore a 13.2345 will be ranked higher than a 13.2 which will be assumed as a 13.2999. Where elapsed times are the same, the higher terminal speed will take the higher position. If this rule does not provide a leader, those entries will be shown as a draw.

    Why 14.9999 seconds?
    It is considered as a benchmark time for a quick car. The further back you get into the archives, fewer are the number of cars able to run faster than this. Improvements in modern engine tuning and tyre quality reflect this.

    I’ll never make it in!
    Maybe not, but top 10 in class records are also kept so the fastest S130’s & Z31’s still get their recognition.

    Produced by Rob Hughes / Proof read and agreed by Mike Feeney
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  2. zedhead260

    zedhead260 New Forum User

    Attached is current update.

    Number plates have been included where known.

    If you see any missing data, let me know and I'll update.

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