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Ground clearance - Nismo kits etc

Discussion in '350Z/370Z Bodywork & Interior' started by dav350z, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. dav350z

    dav350z Well-Known Forum User

    Anyone here have the Nismo aero kit or other aftermarket kits fitted, and if so, have you had any problems with ground clearance - road humps etc.


  2. TheMinel

    TheMinel Well-Known Forum User

    my kit (Speed-Racing) clears average speed bumps BUT has issues (especially the front lip) with ramps that are at a steep angle and similar. But my kit is VERY low, I think much lower than the Nismo kit.

    I actually broke my front lip when coming back from europe last summer, on a ferry ramp, despite having cleared it fine in and out of the ferry on my way to france... (same ferry, same ramps...)

    New front lip is at my house now, but planning on mounting it only for shows and 1/4 miles etc since it isn't that practical on everyday driving

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