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Fibreglass moulds

Discussion in 'MJP Eastern Auto' started by Mr.F, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Mr.F

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    As most of you know, I own a large selection of fibreglass moulds for manufacturing parts across S30, S130 and Z31 models, many going back many years to the early days of the Z Centre and others acquired / developed by MJP (Eastern Auto) more recently. There is a core of regular selling items and a lot of fringe items.

    The moulds are all stored at a fibreglass manufacturer in Hertfordshire (near Harlow) and they undertake manufacture of parts to order for me. They were packing and shipping for me, but more recently they have decided this is not a viable option for them and I have to collect, pack and ship myself.

    With recent ill health and now three days a week commitment to dialysis this is becoming increasingly difficult to do efficiently and I find myself falling behind with a relatively full order book.

    My post here is to see whether there may be any interest in someone taking over this side of MJP's business. This would involve taking ownership of the moulds and the day to day organisation of manufacture, packing and shipping. At the moment I don't ship outside the UK, but regularly turn down orders for European and other worldwide requests due to excessive charges on lightweight / high volume packages. Anyone with good world courier contacts could increase this business significantly.

    I would be happy to continue advertising on the MJP Shop site and act as an agent for a small commission and my manufacturers would hopefully be happy to continue storage and manufacture for the forseeable future. Your direct customers would earn you the full differential between cost and retail. Alternatively, moulds could be moved to a manufacturing site of your choice. There are good profit margins between cost price and recommended retail - have a look at to see the range on offer and current retail prices.

    If interested contact me for a full list of moulds showing retail, trade and cost prices of the products that can be produced. A decent sideline business for someone and capable of expansion and development as required. My manufacturers are capable of producing new product moulds and development and design work.

    PM or call 07785 932086.

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