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Fan amplifier

Discussion in 'Z31 (300ZX) Electrical' started by R3GG, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. R3GG

    R3GG Forum User

    I'm not sure this is in the right place but I'm having a bad time sourcing a fan amplifier (part 27052). It's the gold box at the end of the rainbow under the glove box.

    Has anyone upgraded to something newer that does the same job?

    I had fans on max only, took the box out and the circuit board crumbled into three pieces ☹️

    Any advice much appreciated :)
  2. mrM

    mrM Well-Known Forum User

    i couldnt find one so i got a secondhand one from the states for the analog dash LHD model,from memory the mounting face isnt quite the same as the uk one i think the angle of the mounting on it is on the opposite side,maybe it bolted on or maybe i had to grind one side down i cant remember but whatever the difference it went on mine and it works

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