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Clutch release bearing

Discussion in 'Z32 (300ZX)' started by scottywil, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. scottywil

    scottywil Active Forum User

    Need some advice gang.

    I'm swapping my manual box. The clutch release bearing i have bought is larger than the one already in. I bought it from Zcentre - part no. 30502-45P00. it has KOYO stamped on it? Does this sound right?

    The clutch i'm taking out is a shitty Luk clutch. Is it possible that this would use a smaller bearing?

    Also, should i buy a release bearing sleeve?

    I need the bugger back together super quick as its going to Germany on Thursday morning.

  2. scottywil

    scottywil Active Forum User


    Also planning on skimming the flywheel. Is this ok to do? Just read somewhere that a 300zx fly should never be machined?? Surely this is just to sell more flys?

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